1 person injured after shooting in Marshall

The shooting took place on the 500 block of Oak Street early Friday morning.

MARSHALL, Texas – A Marshall man was charged with grievous bodily harm with a lethal weapon after shooting a woman who was a Marshall newspaper maker.

Marshall-born Jose Manual Galvan, 20, was admitted to Harrison County Jail. Additional fees are pending.

According to investigators, they believe Galvan shot from a window on the second floor of the 600 block on Oak Street.

Officials contacted Galvan at the residence, but he did not cooperate and was arrested. Preliminary bullet residue indicated that Galvan had recently fired a gun.

Marshall PD detectives obtained a warrant to search Galvan’s residence and found an AR15 rifle, spent shell casings and a large number of illicit THC products during the search.

The shooting occurred at 5:32 a.m. when a Marshall Police Department patrol lieutenant reported hearing several gunshots somewhere north of his location.

Emergency calls were received from residents in the 500 block area of ​​Oak Street saying they heard gunfire in their neighborhood. Callers said they could hear a woman screaming for help.

The female victim called 911 and said she was shot dead, according to police.

Patrolmen responded to the scene and secured the site, and the Marshall Firemen treated the victim and transported them to the hospital.

According to preliminary investigations, the 34-year-old victim of the shooting was a newspaper carrier and delivered newspapers. She doesn’t know who shot her or why.

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