100 years in the past: James Ballard of Winchester surprises Bloomington relatives | Briefs

100 years ago

September 25, 1921: James Ballard from Winchester had had no contact with his Bloomington relatives for a long time, so he decided to surprise them with a visit. When he got here, he found that three of them are now dead. And two daughters of a couple got married and cannot be found.

75 years ago

September 25, 1946: Morris Tick Salvage Co. suffered the third fire in two years. The early evening fire caused a loss of over $ 20,000 in the company’s main warehouse. The rising black smoke attracted a crowd of 2,000 to the factory at 501 E. Stewart St.

50 years ago

September 25, 1971: A truck and an IC freight train collided at Gilman, killing the trucker and derailing 27 cars. State police say the victim likely never saw the train because of the direct sun in his eyes. The intersection of Route 24 is protected by flashing signals. The wreck piled 100 meters high.

25 years ago

September 25, 1996: Sister Marie Charlotte Schneider, a teacher at St. Clare School, has gained national recognition for her teaching methods. Since 1991 she has been teaching her first graders to think about solving math problems. This year she’s teaching it without a textbook.

Compiled by Jack Keefe; [email protected]

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