4-Hour Basic Introduction to Handguns Familiarization Training

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Have you just bought a personal protection pistol?

Are you thinking of buying a gun for personal protection?

Do you want to switch from a revolver to a semi-automatic one?

Would you like to learn how to shoot correctly and safely?

If so, this is the class for you

The facility at 8519 w 191st Street in Mokena, Illinois offers a large number of 4-hour introductory handgun courses for civilians who have bought or are thinking of buying guns during this violent and unsafe time for personal protection and to ensure home protection.

4-hour introduction to Handguns induction training: $ 80

T.His hands-on training course is intended for those who have never handled a firearm before, have little experience with guns, or want to switch from a revolver to a semi-auto. In this class, students learn the safety of firearms, all the basics for a correct grip, the correct orientation and image of the visor, the correct posture and the importance of a soft trigger, and much more. Students are introduced to our smokeless range, where they apply the basic skills learned in class before heading into the range for live fire training. All trainers are present or retired trainers from the Police Academy with many years of training experience and knowledge.

This 4-hour lesson is limited to 3 people per lesson. This class also qualifies for 4 hours of a 16-hour Concealed Carry License class when taken at the facility at a discount of $ 25 per student.

Lesson areas for this class:

  • Basic firearms safety
  • Basic rules for the proper use and storage of your weapon (s) and ammunition
  • Basic safety rules for the safe handling of weapons
  • Types of handguns Semi-automatic pistols and revolvers
  • Proper loading and unloading of semi-cars & turrets
  • Introduction to different types of ammunition cartridges
  • Explanation of a cartridge firing sequence
  • Explanation of how to fire the correct cartridge for your pistol
  • Introduction to ammunition malfunctions (Hang Fire, Misfire & Squib Load)
  • Introduction to possible malfunctions of your weapon and proper elimination of malfunctions (double feed, stovepipe)
  • Smoke-free range training with SIRT pistols
  • 1 hour Live Fire Range time with a LEO instructor (50 to 70 rounds of ammunition required)
  • The student must pay the $ 20 range fee and have class ammunition that they can purchase before shooting in the range.

The facility will provide the student with a weapon (9 MM OR 380) at no additional cost if required.

Get $ 25 off the price of the 16/8 hour concealed carry training class when you join our Covert Carrying Class. Regular price $ 145- $ 25 (discount) = $ 120 for the concealed carry permit class. SEE OUR REVIEWS ON OUR TRAINING

To book go to: thefacilityil.com or call Tony @ 708-426-9151 for any questions

The following dates are set for this 4-hour lesson:
April 30th, 2nd, April 6th, April 9th, April 13th, April 16th, April 20th, April 23rd, April 27th, April 30th

All classes start at 8 a.m. and end at 12 p.m. Further courses will follow in May and June

Additional dates on request for private groups


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