5 Legal Items Gun Banner Biden Says You Can’t Have, Don’t Comply Order Now

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Here are the five most feared anti-freedom tools that puppet Joe Biden and his gun haters are first trying to ban. We say fuck it, order it today. istock

WASHINGTON, DC – – (AmmoLand.com) – The senior living center-in-chief, formerly known as the White House, issues executive “actions,” not orders? Tell us farmers what he allows us to own. Never mind the constitution.

We say fuck it and we doubled up and ordered more. We recommend you do the same. Here are his five most feared anti-freedom tools that puppet Joe Biden and his gun haters first seek to ban.

80% lower receiver kits for GLOCK, also known as “Ghost Guns” From USD 124.99 after the code “PTT”

The PF940Cv1 is the next generation of polymer 80% polymer frame for Glock® handguns from Polymer80 and gives the popular Polymer80 frames improved ergonomics, properties and appearance. Buy now gun deals

With the PF940Cv1, Glock® 19, 23 and 32 owners can create a bespoke pistol that is just right for any application. Available in three configurations: Standard PF940Cv1 with structured handles. PF940Cv1-ReadyMod with empty handles for customer-specific dotting – the customization options are endless. Available from Brownells ONLY, PF940Cv1-BE comes with aggressively textured grips that allow you to hold your pistol in place in all conditions.

Polymer80 PF940CVL 80% frame structured for Glock 19/23/32 pistols 2Polymer80 PF940CVL 80% frame structured for Glock 19/23/32 pistols 2

Foxtrot Mike 5 “Ultralight Barrel 9mm AR Pistol with Glwell Style Magwell Shockwave 2M Brace $ 639.99

Foxtrot Mike Products is back with another 9mm AR pistol, which was built exclusively for primary weapons. For those who want an even smaller and lighter pistol, this setup offers a short 5-inch barrel with a 1:10 twist rate.Buy now gun deals

FM Products’ jet diffuser extends beyond the 5.5 inch M-LOK handguard and directs the excess gas and concussion of your shots forward rather than the sides, making indoor shooting much more comfortable. The top and bottom receivers are machined from billet aluminum, which allows for a greater degree of customizability in appearance and function. The magazine well and top feed ramps of the receiver have been machined for use with Glock magazines. However, they are still compatible with standard AR-15 parts such as the trigger, pistol grip, and safety switch. The integrated magazine release is much larger and easier to achieve than the Mil-Spec alternative, which allows for faster magazine changes. With a standard T-shaped rechargeable handle, you can swap it out for whatever you want. Foxtrot Mike builds some of the most popular AR-9s on the market and Primary Arms is proud to bring them to you directly.

Foxtrot Mike 5Foxtrot Mike 5 “ultra-light barrel 9mm AR pistol with Glock Style Magwell Shockwave 2M Brace 2

MAGPUL 30. PMAG GEN M2 “High Capacity” Standard Magazine 10pc $ 109.99 After code “PTT”

Reliable and almost indestructible; Store fully loaded without loss of reliabilityBuy now gun deals

The exceptionally robust, combat and competitive magazine works flawlessly, even if it remains fully loaded for a long period of time. Corrosion-resistant, self-lubricating one-piece body made from fiber-reinforced, molded polymer has no spot welds or joints that could affect the driver, and the constant internal curvature ensures smooth, unobstructed movement of the circular stack. The anti-tip stabilizes the stack to prevent nose diving and bolt-over-head errors. The heat-treated stainless steel spring is tension-free for optimal performance. Withstands the heat of an extended fully automatic fire and is unaffected by most bore cleaners and solvents. Outer ribs provide additional gripping surface; The magazine’s locking notch keeps dirt and debris out, not like a traditional hole. The easy-to-grip edge on the base plate helps pull the magazine out of the pouch. The base plate can be easily removed for cleaning. All models available in black.

MAGPUL 30. PMAG GEN M2 MagazineMAGPUL 30. PMAG GEN M2 Magazine

KE Arms AR15 KP-15 Stripped Lower Receiver Polymer $ 99.99 after code “PTT”

KE Arms KP-15 Stripped lower receiverBuy now gun deals

What makes this stripped-down lower part different? The answer is simple: the stripped lower KE Arms KP-15 receiver is a monolithic AR-15 polymer lower receiver made from injection molded, 30% glass-filled nylon. The unique design includes the buffer tube, pistol grip, trigger and a 13 inch shaft (LOP) as integral parts of the receiver. The result is an inexpensive, lightweight lower receiver.

KE Arms AR15 KP-15 Stripped Lower Receiver Polymer $ 99.99 by code KE Arms AR15 KP-15 Stripped Lower Receiver Polymer $ 99.99 after code “PTT”

Polymer80 80% AR-15 lower with Jig System $ 75.00

Polymer80 brought the AR-15 an ultra-light approach that is 80% lower!Buy now gun deals

The Polymer 80 RL556v3 80% AR-15 Lower with Jig System is an amazing Polymer AR Lower. Lightweight and maneuverability have always been the focus of the AR-15 platform. The Polymer 80 RL556v3 80% Lower weighs less than a traditional lower part and promises to change the game – but is it strong enough? It’s made of gun-grade polymer and it definitely is!

And just because we know everyone is still looking for ammunition! No guarantee that it will be in stock for a long time.!

Magtech, 9mm, FMJ, 115 grains, 250 rounds $ 161.49 that’s $ 0.645 per FREE S&H.

With Magtech you get more reliability and accuracy in the range. Buy now gun deals

Quality manufacture in Brazil. Order today!

Key specifications

Item number: 620528
Manufacturing number: 9A
UPC: 885344501914
Caliber: 9 mm
Bullet weight: 115
Bullets: FMJ
Muzzle velocity: 1,135 FPS
Muzzle energy: 330 ft.-lbs.
Housing type: brass
Primer: Boxer, reloadable
Corrosive: No.
Rounds: 250

Magtech, 9mm, FMJ, 115 grains, 250 rounds $ 161.49 that's $ 0.645 per FREE S&H.Magtech, 9mm, FMJ, 115 grains, 250 rounds $ 161.49 that’s $ 0.645 per FREE S&H.

Wolf, .223 Remington, 55 Grain, FMJ Ammo, 500 Rounds $ 351.49, that’s $ 0.702 per FREE S&H.

Practice makes perfect and Wolf® Steel-Case Ammo makes practicing more affordable than ever. Buy now gun deals

If you want to get the most out of your recording budget, this is the way to go. The rounds have a polymer coating for smooth feeding. Balls have a lead core and a bimetal jacket, which means that they attract magnets.

Order today!

Key specifications
Item number: 714587
Manufacturing number: 22355WFMJ
UPC number: 885344905040
Caliber: .223 Remington
Bullet weight: 55 grains
Bullet Style: full metal jacket
Muzzle velocity: 3,241 FPS
Muzzle energy: 1,283 ft-lbs.
Case type: polymer coated steel
Primer type: Berdan, not reloadable
Corrosive: No.
Rounds: 500

Wolf, .223 Remington, 55 Grain, FMJ Ammo, 500 Rounds $ 351.49, that's $ 0.702 per FREE S&H.Wolf, .223 Remington, 55 Grain, FMJ Ammo, 500 Rounds $ 351.49, that’s $ 0.702 per FREE S&H.

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