6 Best Massage Guns Reviews 2021


You’ve ever watched a video of Phil Collins playing one of those wheel drum fills and wondered what I wouldn’t give right now to be that drum kit. No, me neither. But when you don’t have a chance, you don’t have to dream about it anymore because there are percussive massage guns. These little health gadgets drum the hell out of your shoulders, lower back, neck, arms, thighs, calves, glutes and wherever the hell else. This deep tissue vibratory power can be targeted at any time to warm up the muscles to overcome stiffness and facilitate regeneration from pre-workout to post-hangover. And considering that over the past year we’ve been forced to do more and more for ourselves, leaving your own hand massage therapist lying around isn’t a bad idea.

But are you dropping $ 600 or $ 130? What if you want a heated option? How about a gun to take to the gym or on a trip? If you stopped worrying about this and read my list, you would know that there is a well-rated massage gun with the right features for everyone. Except babies and small animals. Whatever. Here are the best massage guns you can get right now.

1. The best professional massage gun: Theragun PRO
2. The best value for a high-end massage gun: Hypervolt Plus
3. The most portable massage gun: Theragun Mini
4. The best accessories for a portable massage gun: Hypervolt GO
5. The best massage gun under $ 150: Sportneer Elite D9
6. The best heated massage gun: SKG F5

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The best pro level massage gun

Theragun PRO


$ 599.00

This is the big one. The crown jewel. The massage gun used by physical therapists. However, this also makes it the most expensive massage gun and for some arguably too durable, especially in times of cautious home training sessions. However, if you experience increased muscle pain or do intense workouts five or more days a week, this is worth considering. Theragun is the brand that puts massage guns on the mainstream map and you will understand why. The Pro’s design looks intimidating, but it’s extremely ergonomic, with multiple hold points and a pivoting arm so you can guide it at the angle that best hits muscles in hard-to-reach places. The Theragun Pro undoubtedly comes with most of the accessories for working with different muscles and even features a dual head attachment that feels fantastic around your spine (though it’s an add-on that will cost you). This is hands down the top of the market.

The best value for a high end massage gun

Hypervolt Plus


$ 399.00

Theragun may have put massage guns in the hands of people who are not athletes or PT professionals, but Hyperice is its incredibly worthy competition. The Hypervolt Plus, Hyperice’s answer to the Theragun Pro, could be ideal for you for a number of reasons. First, it’s sculpted in a traditional “gun” style with an easy-to-grasp handle. Second, it costs less. And yet it has all of these professional bells and whistles – varying speeds and attachments, a quiet engine, an app with Bluetooth connectivity – that offers a much more accessible punch. While Theragun may have a firmer grip on the professional market, the Hyperbolt Plus costs $ 200 less than the Theragun Pro. If you are just getting into the massage gun game but want to make it big, this is your type.

The most portable massage gun

Theragun Mini


$ 199.00

The miniature massage gun category – my favorite offshoot. Sure, the little ones don’t hit quite as hard, but they can go anywhere with you as they’re quiet and fit in a gym bag, backpack, or suitcase. Both Theragun and Hyperice offer fantastic models here. The Theragun Mini is designed like a palm-sized triangle and comes with a carrying case. Now you might be set for attachments, but the convenience more than makes up for it. And don’t think for a second that the Mini is weak – it is still percussively massaging the crap out of your extremities.

The best accessories for a portable massage gun

Hypervolt GO massage gun


$ 199.00

Like Theragun, Hyperice tries its hand at the miniature massage gun category. Prices may be the same – a really affordable $ 199 price tag – but different design philosophies prevail here. The traditional handle on the Hypervolt Go may be a better fit for your needs depending on your hand size and other comfort issues. It also comes with a couple of head accessories and a travel case. It’s easy to embed yourself into your personal wellness routine, which, like anything relating to your body, is of the utmost importance.

The best massage gun under $ 150

Elite D9 massage gun


$ 129.99

Unsure about massage guns? Do you think I’m little more than a snake oil salesman? Absolutely OK. I’m hurt, not surprised. But give it a try: Sportneer sells a really well-made massage gun for $ 130 that mimics the shape and accessories of mid-range models from the larger companies. Sportneer’s deep tissue massager has six interchangeable heads that allow you to dig in different places and work through all muscles (not just the easily accessible ones). Sure, it doesn’t knock the hell out of my back like the Pro, for example, but it still helps me feel some muscle relief.

The best heated massage gun

F5 massage gun

Oddly enough, the cheapest weapon on this list has one of the best features. The SKG F5 drums on those muscles for you, Phil Collins style, but it also heats them up – and that feels great. This weapon is much better attuned to yoga, cycling, or running where you have to untie knots and not heal tears. The lighter impact of this weapon is required to get the full effect of the warming. After waking up with a shoulder pain and a headache, I find myself drawn to it.

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