A cheap rimfire rifle from Philippines

Squires Bingham M16 is an inexpensive combat rifle that is designed and manufactured in the Philippines. Squibman is the brand name of the Squires Bingham Company, and they have manufactured a variety of rifles, shotguns, and pistols under that name. Your M16 is one of several attempts to make a cheap rimfire gun that resembles a combat rifle.


The configuration of the Squires Bingham M16 rifle is based, as the title suggests, on that of the American M16, although the detailed execution differs significantly. The straight stock structure, the handle with rear sight, the raised front sight and the flash hider. But the mechanism is a simple blowback unit, and the barrel and case are in a tubular unit that falls into the shaft. Below you can see the pistol grip and magazine housing.

The shaft is made of mahogany, painted black in ebony, while the metal parts are made of either blackened steel or anodized alloy. The rear sight is a fixed elevation opening that is adjustable for windage adjustment.

Squire’s Bingham M16 rifle is housed in .22 Long Rifle RF (Photo: XY)

The Squires Bingham M16 shoots with acceptable accuracy and is a good all-purpose fun or vermin shooter. The design hasn’t so slavishly copied the M16 that it ends in poor proportion as some others do, and the stock is long enough to hold the rifle comfortably and firmly.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Knappen, Bingham Mfg. Co., Marikina, Philippines
Type: semi-automatic, kickback
Caliber: .22 RF long rifle
Barrel: 16 inches (406 mm)
Weight: 6 pounds (2.72 kg)
Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
Cyclical rate of fire:

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