A gun shop in Rapid City has seen an increase in sales

While some companies have seen sales decline due to the pandemic, others such as First Stop Gun & Coin have seen an increase.

“Everyone ran out of ammo. The other retailers and stuff did it a few months ago. Nine millimeters MO is particularly hot, as is 223, and people were buying shotguns and self-defense weapons,” says the owner of First Stop Gun & Coin , Mark Blote

This is usually a slow time of year for the shop, but Blote believes business has grown due to the many uncertainties of the moment.

“People just want a certain amount of comfort, security and self-density. There is so much going on in the world right now that it’s good to be able to take care of yourself when you need to,” says Blote.

And a lot of the people who walk in are new to the scene.

“People we’ve never seen before. Some of them have never owned a gun. And you know that some people come into play who want to shoot a target,” says Blote.

When more people come in to get a gun, it’s important to remember: safety is key.

“You have to be familiar with the weapon and how it works. And always work safely,” says Blote.

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