American Hunter | First Lite Launches Specter: A Whitetail Camo Line

First Light has introduced a new proprietary line of camos called Specter, specially designed for avid whitetail hunters. “Designed” is almost an understatement in this case as it is actually generated by an algorithm programmed to mimic naturally occurring patterns in the wild. First Lite, of course, not only relied on calculations, but also worked with experienced whitetail hunters to test the product on site and ensure its effectiveness. Another focus was on making the pattern effective in a variety of settings and seasons. “The Specter line brings First Lite’s whitetail hunting equipment to the next generation and gives whitetail hunters a new competitive advantage.” said Mark Kenyon, a member of First Lite’s Whitetail Pro team and host of the Wired To Hunt podcast. “Before we launched the product, we spent weeks in the fields with some of the best white-tailed hunters in the country and the positive feedback was great. My personal experience has reflected this. When it comes to hiding, I know the pattern will do the rest if I do my job right. This is sure to be my first camouflage for hunting elevated whitetail for years to come, and we couldn’t be happier to share this line with our customers and work with some of the top brands in the outdoor industry to make Specter available on guns to boots and everything in between. “

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