American hunter | First look: Cold Steel Hudson Bay ax

Cold Steel is proud to announce a modern take on the iconic Hudson Bay ax. The Cold Steel Hudson Bay Camp Ax follows the centuries-old style with subtle and significant design updates to improve performance and functionality.

The trademark of the Cold Steel Hudson Bay Camp ax is the locking mechanism that secures the ax to the handle without driven wedges. Instead, the survey is shared so that a broken handle can be easily removed and a new handle installed. This clamping system is exceptionally strong and ensures that the ax not only remains firmly attached to the handle during tough use, but can also be repaired in the field if necessary.

The Hudson Bay Camp Ax features a curved bit to cut deeply and efficiently into wood, while the straight beard adds structural rigidity to handle hard hits. The blade length measured from toe to heel is a generous 4-1 / 8 inches, making this ax suitable for general cutting jobs in the warehouse, on the farm, or at home. The handle is made from solid hickory for strength and impact resistance, with a thick shoulder to prevent tearing or shearing, and a distinctive knob to optimize the grip.

Weight: 44.2 ounces.
Blade length: 4-1 / 8 in
Head weight: 1 pound, 7.5 ounces.
Handle material: solid hickory
Stole: 1055 carbon
Overall length: 27 in

For more information, please visit MSRP: $ 74.99

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