American hunter | First look: Federal Fusion 10mm auto-hunting ammunition

Federal has added a new batch to its popular range of handgun hunting ammunition. The new Fusion 10mm Auto Load uses a 200-grain bullet and 1200 fps muzzle velocity to take full advantage of the 10mm auto cartridge, with more energy and better end performance on impact.

“Our Fusion 10mm Auto Load offers the ruggedness, accuracy, reliability, and endurance that handgun hunters seek,” said Chris Laack, Federal Centerfire’s handgun product manager. “Built with the same molecularly bound hunting bullet that is also used in Fusion rifle ammunition, it generates ideal blows and deep penetration when it hits game. We know this new charge is everything a hunter could hope for from a 10mm auto-hunting cartridge. “

Main features and advantages:
1200 fps muzzle velocity
Copper jacket is electrochemical right down to the core
Perfectly uniform jacket
Peeled, preprogrammed nose ensures consistent expansion
Maximum weight retention for deep penetration

The new Fusion 10mm Auto has an MSRP of $ 29.99 per 20-round box. You can find more information at

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