American Hunter | First Look: Hunters Specialties Drury Turkey Locator Calls

Hunters Specialties has partnered with Drury Outdoors to develop two new turkey search calls– the DOD Howler and the DOD Crow Locator.

The DOD Howler finds coyotes but really shines with spring turkeys. This easy-to-use call will hit the kind of high frequency areas that cause feeders to announce their presence from up to a mile away with the sharp bark and howl of an alpha male coyote. As a closed reed design, this call just needs air, and the more the merrier – it’s impossible to overblow.

The DOD Crow Locator consists of a wooden mouthpiece and barrel connected to a Mylar cane and can be used to track a target tom as you approach.

For more information about these calls, visit MSRP: $ 14.99.

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