American hunter | First look: RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme

RCBS has the Introduction of the new ChargeMaster Supreme Powder dispenser. This dispenser combines precise readings with automatic adjustments and Bluetooth compatibility to simplify the reloading process.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme has a proprietary learning mode that uses a unique feedback loop and algorithms to automatically adjust dispensing speeds and stop points. This two minute process allows the Supreme to learn the unique properties of the powder being dispensed. After the run time, normal charges are usually issued in less than 15 seconds.

“The Chargemaster Supreme is the next evolutionary step in powder dispenser technology,” says Will Hemeyer, Senior Product Manager at RCBS. “Our patent-pending learning process is quick, efficient and easy to use. This feature ensures that your powder throws are optimized for the powder you are using, and the process only takes a few minutes and once this is done, your dispensing times are significantly reduced. “

In addition, the Bluetooth compatibility of the ChargeMaster Supreme enables the user to use the redesigned RCBS app to dispense charges and operate the dispenser hands-free from their phone. The updated app also offers a virtual reload bank, a comprehensive load data log, and access to the technical service team to answer any technical questions a hand loader might have.

The ChargeMaster Supreme offers an accuracy of 0.1 grain and a load cell capacity of 1500 grain. The device can be powered by an external battery so that reloaders can operate it at home or in the field without being tied to a power cord. For more information, please visit MSRP: $ 499.95

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