American Hunter | Guns and Gear for a Midwest Whitetail Hunt

Publisher’s Note: Executive Editor Rose Bier used the following equipment on a recent whitetail hunt in Kansas. You can catch up on that story here.

Patriot Predator Cerakote / Strata Camo
Mossberg’s Patriot rifle range has made a name for itself among American hunters for accuracy, reliability, and affordability. I used one of the newest additions to the lineup on my whitetail hunt in Kansas, the Patriot Predator Cerakote / Strata Camo, which was chambered in .308 Win. and weighs only 6.5 pounds. The rifle features several improvements over standard Predator rifles. The plastic barrel is coated with TrueTimber Strata camouflage, which pairs well with the Patriot Brown Cerakote finish, which protects the barrel, oversized bolt handle and receiver from corrosion and wear. The 22-inch free-floating, fluted barrel is equipped with a 24-inch threaded muzzle. A Picatinny rail ensures quick and easy assembly of the optics. In addition to .308 Win. Is that particular Patriot Predator rifle currently in .243 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, .22-250 Rem. Available. and 6.5 PRC. MSRP: $ 574;

SIG Sauer Elite Hunter .308 Winchester 165-grain ammunition

SIG Sauer Elite Hunter ammunition

The 165-grain ammunition with SIG Sauer Elite Hunter point that I fired from the Mossberg performed excellently. The bullet’s concentric, blackened jacket provides reliable expansion, while the yellow tip and boattail design increase the ballistic coefficient, improve terminal performance, and aid in smooth, reliable chambering. The buck was easily quartered when fired at 200 yards and fell off in less than 10 yards. The bullet penetrated the chest, entered the heart and lungs, and rested on the shoulder from the side. It expanded perfectly, doubling its diameter to 0.75 inches. MSRP: $ 45.99 per 20th box;

Swarovski EL Range 10x42 binoculars

Swarovski optics

My rifle was topped with Swarovski’s Z5i 5x-25x-52mm P rifle scope, a version of the company’s popular Z5 1-inch main barrel rifle scope launched in 2009. The illuminated reticle makes a big difference at the beginning or the end of a day in these critical low-light situations. Weighing just 17.5 ounces, the riflescope offers 90 percent light transmission, side parallax correction for a flawless, clear image at higher magnifications, and an optional ballistic turret.

Swarovski Z5i rifle scope

The EL Range 10×42 binoculars I used showed a crystal clear picture. The easily adjustable focus wheel made it an easy task to focus on deer and see their size, even as they emerged from the shadows of a line of wood. The convenience of the built-in rangefinder, which provides one-touch readings as well as ballistic reference and inclinometer functions for 1,500 meters, makes it unnecessary to take a separate device with you – or to look for one when the time matters. MSRP: USD 1,888 (Z5i riflescope), USD 4,032 (EL Range 10×42 binoculars);

Tall Tine Outfitters
To book a whitetail hunt in Kansas, contact Ted Jaycox at Tall Tine Outfitters. (352) 895-6736;

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