American hunter | JP Sauer & Sohn debuts S404 Synchro XTC carbon fiber rifle

JP Sauer & Sohn has introduced the newest member of its flagship series S404: the Synchro XTC carbon fiber bolt action rifle in camouflage green. Weighing 6.1 lbs. the rifle has a hand-made carbon fiber stock with a thumb hole and an adjustable comb. The cold-hammered barrel is fluted for balance and additional weight reduction. An adjustable trigger has four different pull weights – from 1.2 lbs. Changed to 2.7 lbs .– slightly with the settings indicated by Roman numerals just above the trigger.

“The Sauer 404 is the best traditional bolt action rifle developed today,” said Jason Evans, CEO of Blaser Group. “The elegance, craftsmanship, precision and modularity of the S404 line are legendary and combine almost 270 years of experience with the technology of the 21st century. The Synchro XTC Camo Green offers hunters another option in our popular flagship line. “

S404 rifles are designed and constructed to allow easy changing of bolt heads and barrels for quick caliber changes. This modularity is an advantage for those who travel frequently to hunt. The S404 Synchro XTC is available in all current calibers of the S404 series.

Further information is available at MSRP: $ 8,199

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