American Hunter | The Biden Administration’s Backdoor Attack on Hunters

Amid all of the executive orders and fast-paced gun legislation in Congress, some might miss the fact that President Biden’s candidate for Home Secretary – Rep. Debra Haaland – could be a disaster for hunters.

As a former leader of the New Mexico Democratic Party, Haaland has only been a member of the US House of Representatives since 2019. Among her committee duties, she is a member of the House Natural Resources Committee and Chair of the National Parks and Forests and Public Land subcommittee.

Of course, as Minister of the Interior, Haaland would be responsible for managing the country’s public areas and wildlife. Part of that huge job is overseeing agencies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), which are vital to hunters across the country.

As President Donald Trump worked tirelessly to open more public land for hunting and shooting, a Senator from Montana who recently attended a confirmation hearing for Haaland said, “She refuses to do the hunting, grazing, harvesting, and that Maintain catch on public land. “

During that hearing, Senator Steve Daanes (R-Montana) expressed his skepticism about her suitability for the job.

“I am not convinced that the Congresswoman can divorce her radical views and be the best for Montana and all interest groups in the West,” Daanes said at the hearing. “If my concerns are not addressed, I will block their confirmation.”

In fact, Daanes’ concerns are very real in much of the western part of the United States, where extensive public areas, from national parks to federal meadows, are the main hunting area for many. An interior minister who proves inconsistent with working in the best interests of the hunt could do great harm to the ancient tradition.

Those who support Haaland point to her Native American background and history as a hunter as evidence that she will work in the best interests of those who are recreating themselves in the public areas of our nation. But it has been proven time and again that interior ministers are towing their boss’s party line in the White House, which could be problematic in Haaland’s case.

President Joe Biden has long been concerned with “preservation” rather than “preservation”. And despite the fact that America’s hunters and anglers are the nation’s true conservationists as they pay the bill for most of the wildlife projects, Biden never acknowledged that truth.

In fact, almost everything Biden ever said about hunting or hunters was during last year’s presidential campaign when he was in a town hall When he met, he was proven against the importation of animals that were legally hunted outside of the United States. Such a ban is designed to discourage America’s outdoor men and women from hunting overseas – a long-standing target of the anti-hunting groups that Biden was pursuing at the time.

One of the few other times Biden has mentioned the hunt was trying to make pithy jokes about semi-automatic rifles with magazines that could last more than a few rounds. In relation to this, Biden said: “If it takes you more than 10 rounds to hunt and some claim they hunt with that many rounds, then you shouldn’t be hunting. If you can’t get the deer in three shots, then you shouldn’t be hunting. You are an embarrassment “

Most ethical hunters, as American Hunter readers know, take their deer cleanly and efficiently with a single shot. But since Biden knows nothing about hunting, he can say what he wants about such subjects.

Not encouraging, Haaland is already following Biden as a devout anti-marksman and has supported bans on so-called “offensive weapons” and other gung-bans currently being promoted by Democrats in Congress. In supporting such a semi-automatic ban, both Haaland and Biden are ignoring the many models of semi-automatic rifles that hunters use to bring many species of game from small to large.

When President Trump’s first home secretary, Ryan Zinke, took office, he issued a secretarial order on his first day that expanded “Access to public land and more opportunities for hunting, fishing and recreation across the country.” Zinke’s successor, David Bernhardt, later made similar strides, even signing a secretarial order directing the BLM to “balance public access to outdoor recreation – including hunting and fishing – appropriately to the appropriateness of disposal or replacement to determine public land ”.

With Home Office candidate Halaand leaving some Republicans on the Senate committee “unconvinced” of their long-term support for hunting and other recreation on public land, the millions of hunters who use this land are likely to face a long, hard road they are confirmed for this important cabinet position.

Freelance writer and editor Mark Chesnut is the owner / editor-in-chief at Red Setter Communications LLC in Jenks, Okla. As an avid hunter, shooter, and field researcher, he has reported almost daily on issues and politics of the second amendment to the constitution for the past 20 years.

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