American pocket pistol: The SCCY CPX-1 in 9 mm

Dr. John Woods 12/9/16

Although there isn’t a brand new pistol model on the market, the 9mm SCCY (pronounced Sky) CPX-1 is a very well made pocket pistol at a reasonable price. As we speak, a new model is coming out, the CPX-3, in .380 ACP, which should be good too. There is also a CPX-2, 9 mm version that is supplied without the external safety mechanism.

The SCCY handguns are made in Daytona Beach, Florida and are packed with features that would make any hand gunner happy. The list includes the Zytel plastic frame with a steel slide that is finished in either nitride black or matt stainless steel. The receiver of the pistol is made of aluminum. The frame is available in nine different colors to suit any mood, including black, crimson, OFDE olive, orange, pink, purple, SCCY blue, snipe gray and white.

Manual security is ambidextrous. The trigger is double action with a 10-round magazine. The scope of delivery includes two, one with a flat base and the second with an extended base for the little finger. These pistols come with a trigger lock with two keys and a foam-lined box to protect storage.

The back strap is made of a recoil-absorbing material. The handles have very good grip properties. The return spring and guide rod are made of steel for strength and reliability. The SCCY is supplied with a white 3-point sighting system.

The total length of the CPX-1 is 5.7 inches with a width of only 1.1 inches, so this pistol can be hidden very well in a variety of carrying modes. The barrel is only 3.1 inches tall and is perfect for up close and concealment work. The gun weighs only 15 ounces.

I got a firsthand dose of the SCCY CPX-1 at a gun show with Renegade Arms last year. Vernon had just had a good supply of these in almost every color. I drove him crazy when I took the black one and was disappointed when he quickly sold like everyone else. But to my great surprise, he and Mrs. Helen gave me a black model for Christmas. Man, talk about nice friends.

As soon as I could, I had the SCCY on the firing range and put several boxes of sorted ammunition through the pistol. With a range of 10 meters, I easily hit the 10-inch “Kill Zone” cake platter every time. The SCCY CPX-1 was easy to control and a joy to shoot. In terms of camouflage, it hides easily in the pocket.

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