American Rifleman | 2021 Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award: Dennis Reese

Dennis Reese, CEO-owner of Springfield Armory, pioneered the 2021 Golden Bullseye Awards. Reese was recognized for the award a year ago, but after the cancellation of the NRA annual meetings and exhibitions last April that officially recognized him It was decided not to select a new pioneer winner, but instead to give Reese due recognition in 2021.

The Pioneer Award highlights the exemplary achievement and cumulative work of an individual or members of a family, team or partnership who are responsible for the development and adoption of shooting equipment that has a profound, positive and lasting impact on the way how Americans shoot and hunt.

Reese has been part of the Springfield Armory in Geneseo, Illinois since its inception in 1974. Dennis worked with his father Robert Reese in the company’s early years and has been an integral part of his role as CEO-owner today. 47 years later. Building on his passion for civil-legal firearms, which is inspired by legendary military classics, Reese has taken on a practical role from the start and steered the course through significant changes.

Springfield Armory’s focus on proprietary M1911-A1 pistols, M1 Garand and M1A (a semi-automatic rendition of the US military M14 rifle) for the civilian market was complemented by numerous other innovative firearms. Reese has added the following to the expansion of the product line: the XD series of pistols with polymer frames (including the popular XD-M and XD-S variants) through the 911 series of pocket pistols to the SAINT series of carbines and pistols with AR pattern.

The exciting new Hellcat Micro 9mm has rewritten the rules of what shooters can (and should) expect from their CCW pistol, and the company’s attention-grabbing Waypoint 2020 endurance sports athlete is among this year’s Golden Bullseye winners. Reese’s leadership continues to build the Springfield Armory’s footprint and cement it as a brand for personal protection and tactical shooting.

Dennis Reese is a staunch NRA supporter and advocate of American rights and freedoms. “I couldn’t be more honest about receiving the National Rifle Association’s Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award,” he said. “From the earliest days of the company to where it is today, the relationship with the NRA has been extremely important to me, both personally and professionally. The work of the Association to Promote Our Rights under the Second Amendment is absolutely necessary to ensure that these United States Constitutional rights are protected. I’m proud to join the top performers who preceded me as a Pioneer Award winner.

“Springfield Armory will continue to do its part to protect our right to own and carry guns and work hard to continue bringing exciting and innovative firearms to the consumer market. I am proud and honored to receive this prestigious award from the National Rifle Association and look forward to working with them in the future, ”said Reese.

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