American Rifleman | Benelli M4: A Top-Selling Semi-Auto Shotgun in 2020

by Guy J. Sagi –
Wednesday March 31, 2021

Home and self-defense were high priorities with enthusiasts buying a new gun in 2020, and the Benelli M4 Tactical was an extremely popular choice among the semi-automatic shotguns that took home last year. It has the right features backed by a solid history of performance and the company has a great reputation for making quality products.

The shotgun features the company’s Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (ARGO) system, which was developed for the United States Marine Corps. The industry was appropriately impressed with their performance and deployed the M4 in 1999.

It’s still in use, also because cleanliness is hard to beat when the gas connection is right in front of the chamber. Gas is hottest there, where it is best able to transport debris and particles, and since this mixture leaves the weapon while it is in operation, maintenance is minimized. The piston-powered design is straightforward, simple, and obviously tough enough to withstand military abuse.

These virtues did not escape the attention of enthusiasts who shopped at last year when the Benelli M4 Tactical was the second most popular semi-automatic shotgun sold through FFLs through the website. It’s a big step up from fifth place in 2019, reflecting a dramatic shift in enthusiast preference during the troubled times of 2020.

There are currently four versions available, all of which are designed for 12 gauge. The guns can handle 2 3/4 “and 3” shotgun shells, the barrel length is 18.5 “and each model is 40” long in total. The weights are identical at 7.8 lbs. and the tubular magazines have a capacity of five trays.

The sights are ghost rings, though the shotguns are tapped for optical assembly. Stocks are black synthetic regardless of the model. A configuration is available where the receiver and barrel have a titanium Cerakote finish. The MSRP is $ 2,269. The other has an anodized black receiver with a phosphate barrel. The MSRP is $ 1,999. You can also choose a pistol grip look for the same price.

All models have a modified throttle, other restrictions are available from Benelli. Each has a sling attachment point on the shaft and another on the front of the magazine.

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