American Rifleman | CZ Bobwhite G2: A Top-Selling Double-Barrel Shotgun

by Guy J. Sagi –
Saturday April 10th 2021

It’s not the latest design on gun store shelves, and it won’t go anytime soon if you get more than two shots of it. That combo may sound like an unlikely suspect for a hot seller in a year when first-time gun buyers drove sales to all-time records, but shotguns flew off the shelves side by side in 2020.

One of the top sellers in this category was the CZ USA Bobwhite G2. The original version was introduced in 2005 and unfortunately discontinued 10 years later. Despite the corresponding drop in availability, enthusiasts recognized the quality and that demand left them floating in’s annual top 10 sales rankings for this category. Then, in 2019, the new and improved G2 versions hit the shelves of gun stores and reached second place on the list in less than 12 months.

With the CA USA Bobwhite G2, however, there is much more to it, including a classic straight English-style handle, Turkish walnut furniture, double triggers and a slim design that improves the already nimble handling. The new model’s receiver is precision engineered and the metalwork is done in the company’s black chrome, which resists rust better than traditional bluing. These types of touches allow the weapon to retain its value.

All three models are equipped with five interchangeable throttle tubes. The pin-mounted security is a familiar feature to enthusiasts, but there is no doubt that its favorable position has improved sales with first-time buyers over the past year.

CZ USA currently offers models in strengths of 12, 20 and 28. The MSRP is $ 675 for the larger-bore duo, with the latter being $ 725. All 3-chamber 3 “shotguns have 28” barrels, an extractor and a draw length of 14.5 “. Weights range from 7.3 to 5.5 lbs.

The affordable price, ease of use and sound as well as the classic design made the Bobwhite G2 a popular choice among side-by-side shotguns last year. Add in those timeless looks and it’s no wonder it’s hard to find one on the shelves of gun stores these days.

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