American Rifleman | CZ USA 612: A Popular Pump-Action Shotgun in 2020

by Guy J. Sagi –
Saturday 6th March 2021

The reliable performance of the affordable CZ USA 612 pump-action shotguns did not escape the attention of gun aficionados in 2020. The weapon was one of the top sellers last year.

It is currently available in the Field, Magnum Turkey, Magnum Waterfowl and Target models. Demand for these models shows that the home defense versions discontinued on the used gun market – synthetic stocks with and without pistol grip – were also a hot commodity.

CZ USA 612 Field and Target models are designed for 3 “12-gauge shotshells. Both Magnum models can again operate 3 1/2” shells at 12 gauge. The latter couple wear camouflage on synthetic shafts while the former duo has Turkish walnut furniture. The target is particularly eye-catching with its selected wood, shiny oil finish and metalwork in a deeply polished blue.

All have a cross pin lock behind the trigger and the cylinders are threaded to accommodate throttle tubes. Depending on the model selected, the guns come with at least one throttle, but the manufacturer includes five with the Magnum waterfowl.

The tube magazines in the entire line have a capacity of four shotshells. Barrel lengths on the Target model are either 26 “, 28”, or 32 “. If you are lucky enough to find a discontinued 612 Home Defense it will wear one that is 18 1/2” long. The pistol-gripped variant measured 20 inches.

Every model currently in production comes with an 8mm vent rib and a bead on the front for aiming. The weight of the firearms depends on the configuration but ranges from 6.2 to 7.3 lbs.

Factory-fresh Field models have an MSRP of $ 395, while the Target is the most expensive in the range at $ 585. Both magnums will only bring you back $ 445.

The CZ USA 612 was the second most popular pump-action shotgun sold by FFLs using the services of over the past year. Price and reliable performance were undoubtedly the key factor, but at least the popularity can be attributed to discontinued models.

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