American Rifleman | Glock G43: A Top-Selling Handgun in 2020

by Guy J. Sagi –
Wednesday March 3, 2021

The Glock G43 was the second fastest semi-automatic pistol on in 2020. Combined with the company’s top honors G19, it was a 1: 2 finish for the manufacturer that made polymer-framed handguns mainstream.

The G43, which rose from position 4 in 2019, is a 9mm single stack – the company’s smallest – and ideal for covert transportation. The overall length is 6.26 “and the barrel measures 3.41”. The palm structure ensures a firm hold under stress, in bad weather or when wearing gloves. The magazine capacity is six rounds.

The pistol weighs in at just 20.64 ounces. when loaded. B. Gil Horman tested one for American Rifleman and said, “As a Glock fan, I found the G43 rang all the reliability and usability bells that made me do more for the company.”

This year the company did a good thing even better with the introduction of a pair of models with increased capacity. The G43X Black has a slimline frame that is ideal for concealment. However, the black slide has an nDLC finish. The magazine capacity is up to 10 cartridges. “The G43X combines a compact length of handle, a built-in beavertail and a sub-compact, slim slide for a comfortably balanced, versatile handle that is ideal for a wide range of users,” the company explains on its website. It comes in at 6/23 ounces. has the same barrel length when loaded and measures 6.5 “in length.

The G43X Mos is Glock’s other launch for 2021. It’s a stylish solution for self-defense. With the exception of the nDLC finish, the technical data are identical to the black version. Instead, the stainless steel slide was CNCd for the quick and easy assembly of the red dot sights that are popular today.

Glock doesn’t list MSRPs on its website, though you shop around and you’ll likely find some original G43s for a little under $ 700. Expect the G43X Mos to set you back around $ 800 and the G43X Black to do about the same.

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