American Rifleman | Gun Control & Socialism: A Message from Cuba

I was born in Cuba in 1958 and remember my family’s struggles to (legally) emigrate to the United States. Being an independent thinker and a freedom lover was a threat to the intolerable Castro regime. As soon as my father applied for an American visa, the Cuban government turned to us. My father was fired from his job as a construction manager and given the job of forced labor in the sugar cane fields in Cuba.

It took Castro eight years to finally approve our departure from Cuba, but during those long eight years I grew up in a terrible atmosphere. Bullying at school, even by teachers, just because my parents were “traitors” for wanting to leave the country. When I was 10 years old, I had the maturity of a grown man who witnessed the abuses of our own people against us just because we had a different ideology.

Castro rose to power because of a thirst for equality among people. He gave us equality in order – equal misery for all. Castro nationalized the banks and all businesses; Many entrepreneurs fled the island, taking jobs and ingenuity with them. That’s what socialism does, it scares off the capitalists and leaves the country empty and powerless.

The first task in Castro’s revolution was to disarm the citizens. People ask me, “Why didn’t the Cubans overthrow the Castros?” How can you beat an army of Russian-backed murderers with sticks and stones? The Cuban constitution, similar to that of the United States, was deemed obsolete and was replaced by Castro.

This didn’t happen overnight – it started with left wing propaganda, especially in the universities. Cuban youth were indoctrinated to hate capitalist America and brainwashed to believe that equal pay for all, free health care and education would make Cuba a utopia. I am shocked every time someone tells me that Cuba has a great health system that is free for everyone. These ignorant people do not know how scarce even aspirin is in Cuba.

The things I saw in Cuba today are happening here in the US – left-wing news on TV, constant brainwashing around the clock. Schools teach our children to hate their own country and Democrats use segregation to initiate their agenda. A lot of Americans don’t see this and I understand why. You have to live to understand it.

That choice is the most important choice of my life. I don’t want to relive the atrocities of socialism, the intolerance of fanatics, and the chaos rule of lawlessness. We must vote for the man who loves and protects the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights – especially the first and second amendments. God bless America.

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