American Rifleman | Kimber Completes HQ Move to Alabama

by Guy J. Sagi –
Tuesday October 27, 2020

Kimber Manufacturing announced earlier this week that the company’s official headquarters are now in Troy, AL and that employees are being recruited for positions across all departments. The company originally announced plans to open the plant in 2018 to expand production capacity.

The new headquarters is located on an area of ​​more than 80 hectares and extends over a building area of ​​225,000 square meters. It is now home to the company’s industry-leading design, product management and manufacturing capabilities. After a thorough search of the facility’s location, it was Troy, AL’s proximity to top engineering schools, a gun- and business-friendly environment, and a host of other factors that made them best suited for the move.

Kimber’s 21-year history of operations in the metropolitan area of ​​New York City, which preceded operations in Montana, emphasized the need for careful planning and methodical execution to avoid operational disruptions.

“With unprecedented year-over-year demand growth, every time the company embarks on a planned expansion, it is depleted before the expansion is completed,” said James Cox, Kimber’s chief financial officer at the time of the move initially announced. “As we continue to venture into uncharted waters with the demand for Kimber products, it was important for us to build a facility that would enable us to secure a significant new level of capacity.”

The expansion is ahead of schedule despite the challenges of the pandemic. An order from New York State in late March to temporarily shut down non-essential businesses – including firearms manufacturers – due to the pandemic likely underscored one of the key logistical benefits of the move.

The Alabama plant did not have the same mandate, but production ceased after the Yonkers, NY plant temporarily closed parts. “This situation is unfortunate as we got off to an incredible start in arms deliveries in 2020 and our factories operate seven days a week. We’d like to thank our dealers and consumers for their overwhelmingly positive feedback on our new 2020 products, ”said Greg Grogan, President of Kimber at the time.

Kimber is currently seeking qualified applicants in a variety of roles and business areas for his Troy, AL operations. Interested CNC technicians, machinists, quality control specialists, lean technicians, designers, compliance analysts, customer service representatives, material planners, maintenance technicians, finishers and assembly technicians are encouraged to apply on the company’s careers page.

“Kimber is a great place to work, especially if you love firearms,” ​​said Pedi Gega, director of assembly and product finishing. “We have two indoor gun lines, one outdoor gun line, a state-of-the-art design and prototype manufacturing center, and a dynamic team of professionals who pride themselves on making firearms with unmatched attention to detail, design and performance. Each Kimber weapon is made with a unique blend of advanced precision technology and authentic human craftsmanship. “

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