American Rifleman | Mossberg Silver Eagle Reserve II: No. 1 Over-Under Shotgun of 2020

by Guy J. Sagi –
Saturday, February 27, 2021

The performance and budget-friendly price of the Mossberg Silver Reserve II over-under models have never escaped the shotgun enthusiast. Last year, the line was the top performer in that category according to the annual ranking compiled by

It was a big climb from position 6 in 2019, despite the fact that the company no longer lists this particular model as available on its website. They have been replaced with new Mossberg International Silver Reserves for 2021, although there are still some new Reserve IIs on the market. The updated versions are just as eye-catching and carry Mossberg’s reputation for long-lasting performance. However, if you do find one of the old models for sale, think twice before you get by it.

The Silver Reserve II over-under shotgun is break-action that the company first introduced in 2012. It was posted on this website earlier this year with an MSRP of between $ 600 and $ 1,200. In true Mossberg tradition – quality at a great price – if you took a house home last year you would pay back as little as $ 797 to $ 1,198, depending on the version.

The highest in the price class was the Super Sport with grenade ejectors. There were two models, one with 30-inch drums and the other with 32-inch drums. Its silver receiver gave it a timeless look that was nicely accentuated by roll engraving. A black walnut stock with a raised crest made a nice contrast and the barrels were blued. The 12 gauge could hold 3 “shotgun shells, and the cannons came with five choke tubes.

A Field Combo version comes with a set of 12- and 20-ga. Barrels. Both could take 3 “rounds. The same silver finish adorned the receiver – as in the entire line – although the walnut was a little less high-quality. The available barrel lengths comprised 26” and 28 “.

The company also made a Sport with Shell Ejectors version, a Youth Bantam model, and four different Field flavors of the Reserve II. Available gauges included 12, 20, and 28, as well as .410 bores.

Six new reserve models are currently being manufactured by Mossberg. The same chambers are available, although none with ejectors are available. The appearance is almost identical, with the exception of the black polymer-tipped Eventide, as is the quality. So don’t be surprised if it also quickly climbs into the top 10 list of 2021.

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