American Rifleman | New for 2021: Colt Anaconda

From the first model Samuel Colt offered in the 1830s through the early 2000s, the revolver was at the heart of Colt’s manufacturing process. Colt made a name for itself with its innovative rotary cylinder, which was first seen in the Paterson of 1836. Revolvers were an integral part of the company’s product offering until the last limited-production models came out of Colt’s factory in 2005. Now Colt is reviving its iconic “Snake Gun” lineup, and the latest reintroduction in 2021 is the Colt Anaconda, which comes in .44 Mag.

The Colt Anaconda Revolver is based on an enlarged Python receiver and is made of stainless steel. It has the same linear leaf spring mechanism as the second generation Python. This adds to the smooth trigger and crisp break found on these newer Colt revolvers, and provides revolver fans with a better experience than original pythons and anacondas.

Each Colt Anaconda is equipped with a double-action / single-action operating system and incorporates many of the distinctive features first seen in Python. These include the ventilated visor rib, the full lower flag, the ramp-shaped visor and the characteristic Colt cylinder lock. The guns are equipped with Hogue rubber grips that help absorb the recoil from hot .44 mag. Charges. You will find fully adjustable visors on the anaconda as well as a drilled and threaded frame for mounting the optics. At the muzzle end of the weapon there is a recessed target crown that increases accuracy and at the same time protects the muzzle from damage.

The second generation Colt Anaconda has a six-lap cylinder and can be supplied with either a 6 “or 8” cylinder. Depending on the barrel length, the total length of the revolver is between 13 “and 15”. The suggested retail price for the Colt Anaconda is $ 1,499. More information is available at

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