American Rifleman | New for 2021: CZ TS2 Competition Pistol

CZ USA, headquartered in Kansas City, Kans., Announced a new addition to its successful line of semi-automatic handguns with full metal frames and hammer fire for competition, the CZ Tactical Sport 2. The Tactical Sport 2, like the previous Tactical Sport, is specifically for sport shooting competitions aligned. to like IPSC, USPSA, 3-Gun and Steel Challenge. The Tactical Sport 2 is also based on the classic profile and frame of the CZ-75 style.The sliding profile of the Tactical Sport 2 is similar to the CZ Shadow 2, with the reciprocating weight of the slide positioned as low as possible to reduce muzzle rise. The frame has also been redesigned to improve overall ergonomics and reduce muzzle rise and improve user control. These are some of the characteristics of the Tactical Sport 2 especially for the sport shooting market.Chambered for 9 mm, the Tactical Sport 2 has a slide and frame that are made entirely of steel and weigh 48 ounces curb. The Tactical Sport 2 has a 5.23 “cold forged barrel along with one Total length of 8.86 “, width of 1.57” and height of 5.8 “. Standard magazine capacity for the Tactical Sport 2 consists of 20 rounds, and the magazine contains a large torch for quicker and easier reloading. The Tactical Sport 2 contains a single-acting trigger and an exposed skeleton hammer. The controls include a slide release on the left side and an enlarged magazine release as well as two-handed thumb locks on the frame. The slide has serrations on both the front and rear for manipulation as well as dovetail-shaped, fixed rear and fiber-optic front iron sights. A beavertail is also included in the frame to improve handling and reduce the chance of a slip bite.

The framework of the Tactical Sport 2 includes a diamond on the front and back Back straps to increase grip with or without the use of gloves. The blue handles that come with that Tactical Sport 2 is made of aluminum and has an aggressive checkerboard pattern.

Accessories are already available for that Tactical Sport 2 can be customized at the user’s convenience as it is compatible with the existing one Aftermarket for the Tactical sports line.

The recommended retail price of the CZ Tactical Sport 2 is priced at $ 1,699. More information about the CZ Tactical Sport 2 visit

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