American Rifleman | New for 2021: Heritage Mfg. Barkeep Revolver

Heritage Mfg. Delivered affordable and fun revolvers modeled on the famous Colt Single Action Army. The line includes many different barrel lengths and finish options. New in 2021 is the Heritage Mfg. Bartending revolver modeled after the classic Colt storekeeper from the late 19th century.

Like the shopkeeper’s revolver, the Heritage Mfg. Barkeep no ejector rod housing on the barrel. This allows the barrel to be shortened to make it easier to carry and hide, as the original of the central fire intended in the 19th century. This Heritage Mfg. Barkeep has a 2-inch barrel and is equipped with a six-shot cylinder that is equipped with a .22 long rifle. A .22 WMR cylinder is also available as an option.

Two models of the Heritage Mfg. Bartender revolvers available, both with different surface options. One model has a simulated case hardened surface that is applied to the alloy container while the other is treated with a black oxide surface. The barrel, cylinder and grip frame of the revolver are treated with black oxide. The two revolvers have different handle designs, the case-hardened frame with scroll wood handles and the black oxide frame with gray pearl handles.

The run of the Heritage Mfg. Barkeep is machined at a speed of 1:10 “RH, and the gun measures 7.95” long, 4.86 “high and 1.5” wide. The weapon also has a manual safety catch on the left side of the recoil shield as well as a fixed sight. Since the gun lacks an ejector rod, the pistol comes with a metal dowel that allows users to manually remove used cases from the front of the barrel. A knurled push-button release on the front of the frame also allows the user to quickly remove the cylinder axle pin and slide the cylinder out of the frame for easy reloading.

The suggested retail prices for the Heritage Mfg. Bartending revolvers start at $ 160.61 for the case-hardened model, while the gray-pearl model retails for $ 189.39. More information is available at

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