American Rifleman | New for 2021: Lone Wolf Arms LTD19

Lone Wolf Arms, a long-time supplier of aftermarket components for Glock handguns, announced the launch of its LTD19, a full Glock-pattern handgun that comes with upgrades. The new Lone Wolf Arms LTD19 capitalizes on the company’s decades of experience in the aftermarket, incorporating many of the improvements demanded by today’s handgun enthusiasts.

“After years of selling parts, slides, barrels and frames to enhance the action, our customers have asked for a complete Lone Wolf pistol,” said Clay Tippins, owner of Lone Wolf Arms. “We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete solution that includes many of the upgrades that Glock owners believe are possible in a ready-to-use package at a much lower cost than before.”

The Lone Wolf LTD19 is based on the company’s Timberwolf frame, which offers a slimmer profile when compared to Glock’s OEM frame design. The smooth undercut of the trigger guard gives you a better grip on the frame, which reduces the recoil of the felt. As an added bonus, the rounded undercut is also designed to prevent irritation to the marksman’s ankle that can occur when shooting with a Glock factory frame. Frames are available in either black or gray.

Mounted on the Lone Wolf LTD19 Timberwolf frame is a unique slide that has been milled to remove ounces from the total weight of the gun. The reduced weight in the film also speeds up the cycle time, which increases reliability and brings you to this follow-up examination even faster. A lower lifting weight also reduces the recoil of the felt. The foils are available in the versions V1 and V2, each with different features and different flash cuts. These slides are also available in nitride or stainless steel.

The Lone Wolf Arms LTD19 measures a total of 7.16 “and includes a 4” barrel. The height including the extended magazine well is 4.77 “. The frame width is 1.13”, while the maximum width of the issued magazine well is 1.49 “. Without the magazine inserted, the LTD19 weighs 19 ounces. Each pistol is equipped with a guide rod Stainless steel, enlarged magazine release and enlarged slide stop lever.

The suggested retail price for the Lone Wolf Arms LTD19 is $ 699.95. Visit for more information.

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