American Rifleman | New for 2021: SIG Sauer P365X ROMEOZero

SIG Sauer Inc. has introduced the P365X ROMEOZero, a new addition to the P365 range of micro-compact, striker-fired handguns for 2021. The P365 line of handguns has grown in popularity since the P365 was first released in 2019. SIG Sauer has introduced different variants of the line in terms of barrel length, magazine capacity and other additional functions. The new P365X ROMEOZero continues this trend by building on the strengths of the original P365 and later the XSERIES ‘P365XL.

Like the other pistols in its line, the P365X ROMEOZero is a semi-automatic 9 mm pistol with a polymer frame and firing pin, specially developed for concealed transport. It shares several attributes of the P365XL, including the larger handle module and the XSERIES trigger group. The enlarged integrated handle module from the P365XL design enables the P365X ROMEOZero to hold the same 12-round magazines as in the P365XL as well as 15-round expansion magazines, which are sold separately. The larger handle module results in an overall height of 5.5 inches, which gives the user more room to grasp.

Also on the polymer frame is an elongated beavertail that prevents the sled from biting into the user’s hand, as well as the same rough texture pattern on the front, back, and sides of the handle as the rest of the P365 line. The P365X ROMEOZero has an XSERIES flat shoe trigger with a 90 degree brake that reduces the perceived trigger weight. Despite the size of the P365XL’s handle module, the P365X ROMEOZero uses the shorter 3.1-inch barrel of the original P365.

The shorter barrel reduces the overall length to 6 inches compared to the longer P365XL, which increases comfort when worn concealed. The slide has XSERIES markings as well as serrations on the sides of the slide at the front and rear. Also included on the slide is an X-RAY3 sight post. As the name suggests, the slide of the P365X ROMEOZero is cut for a SIG Sauer ROMEOZero 1X24 mm micro red dot optic, which is pre-installed at the factory.

The ROMEOZero red dot optics use an LED emitter powered by a single CR1632 battery with eight manually adjusted brightness settings. It is turned on by a MOTAC motion activation system, eliminating the need for a manual power switch before use. The body of the ROMEOZero is made of polymer with a texture on the sides for additional support of the slide during manipulation. There is a built-in visor notch on the back of the optic for use with the visor post if required.

The P365X ROMEOZero is 1.1 inches wide and weighs 18 ounces. without the magazine. The addition of the 0.93 inch ROMEOZero optics increases the height of the P365X case to a total of 6.43 inches and adds only 0.4 ounces. to the total weight. For more information on the P365X ROMEOZero, visit

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