American Rifleman | NRA Gun of the Week: Head Down Firearms HD-15 Master Series

Head Down Firearms is an American small arms manufacturer specializing in semi-automatic machines with the AR-15 pattern. The company offers both pistols and rifles with premium components that are assembled and available to the consumer at affordable prices.

The company’s 18-inch HD-15 Master Series is a feature-rich, modern twist on the Stoner design suitable for long-distance work. The top and bottom receivers of the gun are matched and made from billet aluminum. A Picatinny rail ensures the optical assembly, and the hand guard of the weapon is provided with a rail for accessories. In addition, M-Lok slots are provided throughout for the further attachment of accessories.

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Head Down Firearms has equipped its Master series with first-class components. A fully adjustable Luth AR stem is provided for a custom user interface. A Mission First Tactical grip is included. Head Down offers an 18-inch chrome-moly steel case for our HD-15 Master series test sample. A multicolored Cerakote finish is provided which is known to be treated with head-down firearms. The bolt carrier group of the gun is provided with nitriding for extreme protection against corrosion.

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Watch our NRA Weapon of the Week video above to learn more about the Head Down Firearms HD-15 Master Series.

Head Down Firearms HD-15 Specifications
Manufacturer: Head down guns
action Art: semi-automatic central fire rifle with direct gas impact
Chambering: .224 Valkyrie
receiver: machined aluminum
barrel: 18-inch chrome-moly steel, nitride finish
Tourist Attractions: none; Picatinny rail for optics
Trigger: 5 lb., 3 oz. pull
magazine: C products with a capacity of 20 rounds
camp: LUTH-AR MBA-1 fully adjustable
length: 40.13 “
Weight: 7 lbs., 15 oz.
RRP: USD 1,999

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