American Rifleman | Preview: Holosun X2 Series Pistol Optics

Holosun built on the success of its V2 line of optics by incorporating a number of technological updates into an entirely new line of micro red dot sights. The Holosun X2 range of optics is designed to improve user control in the field, enhancing the skills of today’s shooters.

One of the biggest improvements to Holosun’s X2 optics is the inclusion of lock mode. This feature first appeared in the company’s law enforcement models in 2018 and is now available in the X2.

When activated, the lock mode prevents unintentional changes from occurring while the optics are mounted on a weapon. Even if users press the buttons on the side of the optics housing, the mode prevents brightness or power settings from being adjusted without the user’s knowledge.

In combination with the lock mode, the red dot optics Holosun X2 has a brand new button configuration that makes changes easier to make. In addition, the sights have a side-mounted battery compartment that allows quick and easy replacement, even when the optics are mounted on your preferred weapon. This way you don’t have to reset your gun after a battery change.

The sights are also equipped with Holosun’s Solar Failsafe Backup, which provides enough power for the point to be used in sunlight. The optics are also available with the company’s Shake Awake technology, which keeps the visor off until motion is detected. In combination with the low power consumption of the X2, all of these functions ensure an incredibly long battery life, so that you can rely on your red dot sight when it matters.

All X2 upgrades are available in the Holosun HS507C and HS507K X2 series of optics. The company plans to launch more models by the end of 2020. Further information is available at

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