American Rifleman | Remington 7600: Still a Popular Pump-Action Rifle

by Guy J. Sagi –
Tuesday March 23, 2021

Remington may have fallen victim to financial challenges in late 2020, but it hasn’t dampened craze for some of its top performing firearms. In the long list of hot-selling guns the company made prior to bankruptcy is the Remington 7600 Pump-Action.

The company’s assets have been taken over by Roundhill Group and manufacturing, barring delays that delayed the originally scheduled March 1st opening to April 1st, 2020. Unfortunately, a visit to the newly renamed RemArms website suggests that the 7600 won’t be coming out of the famous Ilion factory anytime soon.

Fortunately, the weapon was first introduced in 1981, so many used models are still available. The rifle sells well among FFLs using the services of In 2020, it ranked second among pump action rifles on the website, just like in 2019. In 2018, it ranked first.

Most of these centerfires came with 22 inch barrels. In the first year of production, two models appeared, a .35 Whelen and a .30-’06 Sprg. Since then, at least until last year, enthusiasts have also been able to buy factory fresh versions for .243 Win., .270 Win. and .308 Win. There were a few others during the rifle’s four decades of production, although most were not offered in large quantities.

Apart from the 22 “models, some carried 18” or 18.5 “barrels. There was even an ornate 7600 made for the company’s 200th anniversary in 2016. The total length of 42.6 inches, the weight of 7.5 Pound, the 1:10 inch rifle and the limited engraving as well as the 24-carat gold inlay showed Eliphalet Remington with his first rifle.

Traditionally, the Remington 7600 had an American walnut inventory, but the company also produced a variety with synthetic furniture. Each had a quick release magazine with a capacity of four cartridges. The total length was either 42 5/8 “or 38 1/8” depending on the barrel. The barrels were made of carbon steel and double-acting bars made for smooth cycling regardless of the conditions.

Last year when Remington Model 7600s were still being made, MSRPs across the line were $ 918.29. Clean used models currently cost more than $ 1,000, and a barely-used 7mm-’08 Rem. The model – apparently a limited edition for the company’s 175th anniversary – had as much as $ 2,000 in bids when that story was written.

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