American Rifleman | Rifleman Q&A: What Was the Colt Ace?

Q: I came across this used .22-cal. Colt Ace semi-auto and consider buying. I don’t know much about these weapons, however. Would you please give me a brief history and some information about this weapon?

A: The original Colt Ace .22 semi-automatic pistol was first introduced in 1931 and manufactured at the beginning of World War II. After the war, some weapons were assembled in 1947.

There were some problems with the operation of the original blowback Ace, such as the .22 caliber. The cartridge did not always have the strength to move the slide rearward for proper ejection and reloading.

This problem was resolved in 1937 with the introduction of the Ace service model, which incorporated a floating chamber design to allow for more reliable operation. The Service Model Ace was produced until 1945. After World War II, Colt’s production of the Service Model Ace was discontinued.

In 1978, Colt reintroduced an Ace service model, which was manufactured through 1982. For many years a conversion unit for converting a standard 1911 pistol from .45 ACP to .22 Long Rifle was also offered, which was designated as Ace II.

However, Colt does not offer .22 caliber. Conversion kits are currently available for its weapons and there are no rimfire models in the company’s product range.

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