American Rifleman | Springfield Armory Hellcat: One of 2020’s Top-Selling Pistols

by Guy J. Sagi –
Wednesday April 14, 2021

When Springfield Armory unveiled its Hellcat in early fall 2019, it was relatively late to jump into the sub-compact double-stack game preferred for concealed carry and self-defense. The company’s competitors had a big head start and the models had been selling well for years. Springfield continued the new weapon design despite the seemingly insurmountable challenge, and somehow kept the project as a corporate secret for the nearly two years it took to develop.

The early feedback for the Hellcat was great. The response from enthusiasts was just as positive and the handguns sold quickly. Last year, for only the first full 12 months it was available, it ranked third on’s annual list of Best Selling Semi-Auto Pistols. There are also good reasons for the enviable quick climb to the top.

American Rifleman received an early model to test and review. History explains that the Hellcat isn’t a version of the company’s already popular XD line, but rather something entirely new, which happens to be the “… Micro-compact with maximum capacity 9mm pistol in the world. “

Regarding ergonomics, reliability and accuracy, American Rifleman concluded, “After shooting the gun and living with it for even a short time, I can say with confidence that I want one, and I want it yesterday. The standard Hellcat is said to have an MSRP of $ 569, so the gun will be competitively priced at retail. Better still, the OSP [optics ready] The model is now only $ 30 – that’s the option I’d go with. “

All Hellcats are chambered in 9 mm and have a 3-inch barrel. The pistol measures just 1 inch wide, and the unloaded tips of the scale reach a featherweight 18.3 ounces. The standard capacity of the magazine is 11, but the guns come with an extended version that counts up to 13. The total length is 6 inches and the height is 4.

Add reversible magazine release, load chamber indicator, rail, top prongs, and a hammer-forged barrel, and the Hellcat has all of the details we’ve come to expect from Springfield. A tritium and luminescence sight works together with a Tactical Rack U-Dot at the stern to ensure fast target acquisition.

Springfield Armory has introduced a number of variants since its inception, including models that are regulatory compliant and come with 10-round magazines. The FDE coloring has joined the original offer of black with or without optically ready slides. There is even one with manual security. Starting MSRP hasn’t moved from $ 569, but on the baseline they are at $ 643.

For $ 799, you can also take home a Hellcat with a well-fitting Shield SMSC red dot optic. However, the new RDP model is top notch. It is supplied with a compensator and a HEX red dot optic. It still brings you a sensible $ 899 back.

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