American Rifleman | USAF Purchases B&T APC9K PRO Submachine Guns

Brugger & Thomet Inc., a Switzerland-based company with a US subsidiary in Tampa, Florida, announced that the US Air Force has decided to purchase its B & T APC9K PRO submachine gun platform. Less than 15 inches long, this compact submachine gun platform is optimized for discreet transport and use. The small size of the APC9K PRO makes it an ideal personal defense weapon for use in confined spaces.

The 9 mm APC9K PRO is a more compact version of the B & T APC9 PRO line. It uses a hydraulic buffer system to reduce the recoil of the felt and the muzzle rise when burning. The design also includes double-folding, non-reciprocating, ambidextrous rechargeable handles on either side of the top receiver just below the top Picatinny rail. Other features include a bolt lock and release button on either side of the lower receiver, an interchangeable M4 / AR-15 style handle and M-LOK compatible slots on the short front.

The magazine release and the safety switch of the APC9K PRO are also ambidextrous and easy to reach from both sides. A flap material is also incorporated into the design for stability, which folds directly against the back of the receivers to keep the folded length as short as possible. The APC9K PRO can be configured to accept either B&T, SIG P320, or Glock compatible 9mm magazines by swapping the non-serialized lower receiver group.

The small size of the APC9K PRO is ideal for special service in the US Air Force, where space is limited in the tightest of aircraft and vehicle crew compartments. The USAF is the second branch of the US military to introduce the APC9K PRO after the US Army passed it last year. The USAF plans to purchase around 350 to 1000 of these new compact submachine guns, likely to phase out the aging H&K MP5 used by personal safety data.

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