America’s 1st Freedom | Jeopardy Gets Firearms Question Completely Wrong

The incredibly successful trivia show Jeopardy! Unfortunately received a response last week regarding fake firearms.

In a “Weapon Types” category on the quiz show, the answer was “BOLT ACTION; AR, ALSO CALLED MODERN SPORTING “, to which a candidate came in and said,” What is an assault rifle? “

“Yes,” said host Alex Trebek. The thing is, that’s just not right. Though danger! If the answer is routinely corrected retrospectively, this answer was available for the duration of the game.

The correct answer should have been simply, “What is a rifle?” Other answers in the category were knife, bow and club. This danger! The accepted “assault rifle” is disturbing and perpetuates the myth that commonly and legally owned rifles are what anti-weapon extremists refer to as “assault rifles”.

Let’s break down this answer piece by piece. An assault rifle, as defined by the US Army, is a selective fire rifle designed for a medium-power cartridge. “If a semi-automatic firearm is used regardless of its cosmetic resemblance to a real assault rifle, the term is wrong,” reported the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA).

These military rifles are able to fire semi-automatically and fully automatically, with the action automatically reloading. What makes the shooting modes different is whether you have to let go of the trigger to fire the second shot. In semi-automatic mode, when the trigger is pulled, the gun releases a cartridge, ejects the used cartridge, and loads a new cartridge. However, only one round is fired each time the trigger is pulled. In fully automatic mode, the rifle fires continuously, chambers a new round and fires until the magazine is empty or the trigger is released.

None of the rifle types mentioned in the answer – bolt action rifle, AR or modern sport – has a fully automatic function.

A repeating rifle is a pistol mechanism that is activated by manually operating the bolt and is similar to a conventional door bolt. In other words, bolt action rifles cannot reload themselves. They require manual effort to pull out a used cartridge and load a new one – this is quite a big difference from how semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles work.

As is well known, AR does not stand for “assault rifle”. It stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the original maker of the AR-15, which was developed in the 1950s. Today they are among the most commonly owned firearms in the country. Although they may have cosmetic similarities to military rifles, these rifles can only function in a semi-automatic firing mode.

And according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), “The term ‘modern sporting rifle’ was coined to describe the semi-automatic rifle designs that are very popular today, including the AR-15 and its descendants.

Jeopardy’s failure to correct this answer was likely due to an accidental oversight, but the answer is still incorrect. The misnomer for these firearms is worrying. This oversight perpetuates the myth that “assault rifles” are commonly owned and easily sold in the United States, which is simply not true.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to ban countless semi-automatic rifles (as well as handguns and shotguns)– which are rarely used in crimes – and now danger! wrongly equated them with military weapons. This misrepresents the firearms owned and used by millions of Americans who rightfully possess these rifles.

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