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Not everyone wants or can afford an expensive carrying pistol. Just as many of us drive to work every day in a simple old limo or pickup truck (back when work was somewhere other than home), so many of us carry an inexpensive everyday pistol. The SCCY CPX-2 is such an option.

The SCCY CPX-2 is a 9 mm pistol with a steel slide and an aluminum housing in a polymer sleeve. The slide is CNC machined along with the chassis and other major components at SCCY’s Daytona Beach, Florida facility. The slide is made from stainless steel and you have the option to leave it blank or add a black nitride finish for added durability and concealment. This is not a complete protection against rust as even stainless steel with the black oxide treatment will corrode if exposed to a sufficiently harsh environment. (The answer to that is simple: check, clean and oil your CPX-2 regularly to make sure it is ready when needed.) The slider holds the extractor on the right side at the bottom of the ejection opening. The visors are a fixed front and a drift adjustable back with a three-point white arrangement.

The SCCY CPX-2 offers interchangeable polymer trays in many colors. It has a fixed, drift-adjustable stern, a visor with a white dot and a semi-internal hammer. Two magazines and two additional base plates are included.

The barrel, with its built-in feed ramp, is your basic Browning design that snaps into the machined cutout of the ejection opening. The chassis made of black anodized aluminum is held in its polymer frame. The chassis, not the polymer shell, is the weapon of the record and therefore bears the serial number. The chassis contains the ignition mechanism and the pick-up pin, which is also the barrel cam eye.

The polymer frame or shell of the Cpx-2 has a waffle pattern on the back strap, and the cavities in the pattern are designed to provide a cushioning effect on recoil. With no waffle frame to compare to, I can’t say the design works as intended, but then a 15-ounce 9mm pistol will have a relatively sharp felt recoil regardless of the handle design. You can lessen the recoil from felt by choosing 9mm ammo, which is not as sturdy. The Zytel bowl is available in one of ten colors or in five different camouflage colors with a Kryptec pattern. The grenades are serviceable by the gunsmith so you can change yours to the one you want. Since the chassis is the serial number part, each $ 39 grenade is just an accessory, not a new weapon. (Many shooters will be able to trade the clam, even though SCCY says they should use a gunsmith.)

SCCY CPX-2 specificationsThe magazines each hold 10 cartridges and, like the film and other components, are manufactured in-house by SCCY. You can assemble your magazines with either the base flush or the finger tab baseplate, which provides a slightly larger surface area for your hand. This is a useful option for those of us with big hands trying to use a compact pistol.

Takedown is simple and straightforward. Unload the CPX-2. Lock the slider backwards. The pick-up pin comes out from right to left. You can’t do this with your bare hand and you need a lever (this is where the case edge of a 9mm empty blank can work) to lift it out of the chassis. As soon as the pick-up pin is pulled out, hold the slide firmly and push the slide stop lever down. The assembly of slide, barrel and return spring detaches from the frame. Pull the return spring out of the slide, followed by the barrel. This is as far as it takes to thoroughly clean and lubricate the Cpx-2.

It is operated like any other self-loading pistol. Insert a loaded magazine, pull the slider back and let it fly forward. You are now loaded. The Cpx-2 does not have a thumb safety device. If you want one on your carrying pistol, you can opt for the Cpx-1 model, which differs from the Cpx-2 model only in the two-handed thumb safety device.

The Cpx-2 differs from many other polymer-framed pistols in that it is fired with a hammer – it does not use a punch system. The hammer is visible in motion, but not accessible. This means the trigger only has a double effect (DOA) and the pull weight of 6 pounds, 11 ounces, can seem high compared to pistols fired by strikers. As a DAO pistol, however, the trigger and hammer work like a revolver, and earlier we would have given anything for a DA pull that is as light as 6 pounds.
11 ounces. A great advantage of the design is the ability to double-hit. If a particular primer doesn’t fire, you can simply swipe through the trigger again to try again. This can be useful when the ammo you can practice with is harder than usual.

SCCY CPX-2 shooting results

Each Cpx-2 comes in a box with a lock, two magazines and four base plates, two of which are flush and two with finger extensions.

An often overlooked aspect of gun ownership is warranty. The best summary of SCCY’s guarantee is: No Questions Asked. Something goes wrong, you call SCCY and you get taken care of. Oh, and the guarantee follows the gun as long as it exists. Even if you buy a used SCCY, if something is wrong, the factory will fix it. (This applies to all models, not just the Cpx-2.)

As an affordable everyday pistol, the SCCY has a lot going for it and should be on your short list.

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