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Angelique Dawn Arnett Belgarde, 43, Minot, was sentenced to three years in prison on January 13, initially served 18 months followed by three years of supervised probation for possession of a Class B felony with intent to Methamphetamine to deliver in September 2021 in Minot. She received concurrent sentences of 123 days served for a Class C felon in possession of a firearm and a Class C firearm theft. Judge Stacy Louser also ordered Belgarde to receive a chemical addiction assessment and pay $775 in court fees. She received credit for 108 days in jail.

Belgarde was charged in September along with co-defendants Kenneth Belgarde and Loren Berg Jr. The case of co-defendant Loren Dale Berg Jr. was also initially charged in state court but was moved to federal court. The charges against Kenneth Belgarde are pending in Ward County District Court.

According to court documents in the state court case, the Ward County Narcotics Task Force obtained a search warrant for Berg’s home at 514 11th Ave. NO. Berg attempted to run as officers entered and were arrested, waiving his rights. Officers asked Berg about two safes, and Berg confirmed that drugs were stored inside. Inside a safe, officers found four sealed packets of meth weighing a total of 2,700 grams, or about a pound. Other packets of meth weighing between 7 and 28 grams were also in a bedroom, along with small plastic bags, scales with suspected drug residues and books matching narcotics sales. Smoking pipes, smoking devices and containers with suspected drug residues were also found throughout the house. The second safe contained suspected fentanyl pressed into blocks that together weighed 178 grams. Additional plastic bags, each containing one gram of fentanyl, were found along with smaller bags. Several large bags of marijuana were also found in the safe, together weighing 764 grams. Also found in the safe with the fentanyl was $8,960 in cash.

A shotgun was also found in a locked cupboard in Berg’s basement. Berg is prohibited from owning firearms. A stolen bicycle was found in Berg’s basement. A stolen revolver and semi-automatic pistol with serial numbers defaced were found in an RV parked in Berg’s driveway.

Kenneth Belgarde contacted police while they searched the home and told them that he and Angelique Belgarde lived in the RV and that he had no knowledge of any illegal items in the RV. Angelique Belgarde left when she saw officers arrest Kenneth Belgarde. She was located and arrested pending warrants. During a search of the property, officers found Angelique Belgarde’s purse, which contained methamphetamine packaged for sale, and also found meth pipes. Kenneth Belgarde claimed the meth was his.

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