AR-15 Gunsmith in a Bag? Wheeler AR-15 Armorer’s Tool Kit Review

The Wheeler AR Armorer Toolkit has everything you would ever need to repair or edit your AR-15. IMG Wheeler

USA – ( – Without getting into a discussion of politics, suffice it to say that the anti-gun people in the country misrepresented AR platform rifles as “assault rifles”. Intentionally or unintentionally, they used the term to slander the rifle for the next 50 years, ignoring the fact that AR stood for Armalite Rifle, NOT Assault Rifle.

Over time, AR platform rifles have been developed with an infinite number of variations, from barrel types, calibers, stocks and rails. There has never been a weapon in history that would allow the end user to modify it so that it bore no resemblance to the factory original. AR platform rifles have really morphed into the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) that can be tuned, tweaked, and “polished” into a personal part to suit the unique needs of each user.

With the ability to customize your AR platform rifle to suit your personal preferences, it makes sense that you have the right tools to get the job done. Without the right tools, you could pay a gunsmith $ 50 to $ 100 to make alterations or you could break a very expensive piece of equipment.

Enter the Wheeler Engineering Delta kit, however.

Wheeler AR Armorer’s Toolkit

This kit contains all of the tools you need to either build an AR rifle from scratch or disassemble an existing one for a full clean and make the changes you planned to make to it. It even includes the vise necessary to hold your rifle while you work on it. The tools are sturdy, well designed, and cover all aspects and variations of the AR rifle.

Most kits for the ARs are missing one or more tools, usually the vise or torque wrench. Wheeler includes them both. They even include a chrome-plated steel hammer with nylon and brass heads for piercing pins in and out of your weapon. While not cheap, it is well worth the investment if you ever want to make changes to your MSR.

The specifications of the wheeler kit are as follows:

    • AR-15 Armorer’s Vise
    • AR-15 combo tool
    • Torque wrench
    • Upper vise block clamp with gas pipe alignment tool
    • Maintenance mat with exploded AR-15 diagram (this is a “priceless” gem)
    • Pivot Pin & Roll Pin Installation Tool
    • AR sighting tool
    • Delta Ring Tool
    • Seat belt wrench
    • AR-15 hole guide
    • AR-15 Adjustable receiver link
    • .22 22 Cal Bore Brush
    • Screw carrier brush
    • Chamber brush
    • Magazine / top receiver brush
    • Nylon brush handle
    • Double-sided general cleaning brush
    • Cleaning pick set

With all of these devices it goes without saying that you will need a carrying case AND Wheeler has included a very sturdy one. It’s compact and can be easily brought into the area if needed. The total price for this kit is $ 259.99. Considering all the tools included, this is a steal. And in case you are concerned about DIY with your gun, they have included a very detailed (with pictures) guide on how to use each tool.

Together with the maintenance mat, this kit is a must have for anyone who shoots AR platform guns.

The Clarys
Jim is a retired USAF scientist and combat veteran from the Vietnam era. Mary is a retired NICU nurse who completed an F-class competition before injuring her back. Together they have over 100 years of hunting and shooting experience. They have published over 800 articles and reviews, many of which can be read on AmmoLand News.

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