Armed Bowie Narcotics Dealer Pleads Guilty and Sentenced to Eight Years in Federal Prison for Conspiracy to Distribute Five Kilograms of Cocaine USAO-MD

Baltimore, Maryland – U.S. District Judge Deborah K. Chasanow sentenced Dwayne Douglas, 39, of Bowie, Maryland, to eight years of federal prison followed by four years of supervised release for conspiracy to conspire to spread and possess three pounds Distributing cocaine.

The guilty guilty admission and verdict were released by Jonathan F. Lenzner, acting US attorney for the Maryland borough; Assistant Special Agent in Charge Orville O. Greene of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Baltimore District Office (DEA); Special Representative James R. Mancuso, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Baltimore; Responsible Postal Inspector Daniel A. Adame of the US Postal Inspection Service – Washington Division (USPIS); Lt. Col. Kevin M. Anderson, chief of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTA Police); Chief Melissa R. Hyatt of the Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD); and Chief Marcus Jones of the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD).

“Our law enforcement team here in Maryland is focused on the individuals and groups who fuel the violence and bring large quantities of narcotics into our communities,” said acting US Attorney Jonathan Lenzner. “As a major drug trafficker who also illegally owned firearms, Dwayne Douglas put communities in our state at risk. I would like to praise and thank the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies who have worked together to bring Douglas and other members of the conspiracy to justice. “

According to his admission of guilt, Douglas met several times with co-conspirators to promote the narcotics conspiracy. In one meeting, Douglas transferred drug receipts directly to someone Douglas did not know was a Confidential Informant (CI). To complete the transactions, the CI would call a third party to initiate the transfer and a code would be assigned. After that, the CI would meet with Douglas, and after Douglas received the code from the CI, Douglas would transfer the drug proceeds to the CI.

Specifically, in October 2016, Douglas delivered approximately $ 250,000 worth of narcotics to a CI in a hotel parking lot in Bowie, Maryland. In March 2017, Douglas shipped approximately $ 149,960 to a CI in the parking lot of a restaurant in College Park, Maryland.

Additionally, in November 2016, a CI received a notification and description of a vehicle that would transfer drug receipts and passed that description on to law enforcement agencies. Police then conducted a traffic check on the vehicle near Hyattsville, Maryland. Douglas was the driver of the vehicle. During the hitchhike, law enforcement officers observed an open box in the back seat filled with US currency. Douglas told law enforcement that there was “a lot” of money in the car. After a positive dog sniff, law enforcement officers searched the vehicle and recovered a total of $ 158,609.

A day later, police issued a federal search warrant targeting Douglas in Lanham, Maryland. As a result of the search warrant, law enforcement officers seized numerous items, including a scales filled with cocaine residue, Douglas personal items, and a loaded semi-automatic pistol. The next month, a federal search and seizure warrant on Douglas’ DNA was approved. The DNA found on the firearm was compared to Douglas’s DNA, and the probability that someone other than Douglas was the DNA contributor was one in 7.24 octillions. The DNA that matched Douglas was found on the handle and trigger of the firearm.

As stated in his plea agreement, on July 28, 2020, investigators issued a federal search and seizure warrant at Douglas’ home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Investigators found a pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition, 10 rounds .45 caliber, two magazines, four separate ammunition boxes, more than 10 cell phones, a money counting machine, a food saver heat sealer, controlled substance packaging, latex gloves and three digital scales. DEA agents found about $ 25,241.00 in a safe. DEA agents arrested Douglas who was in his apartment.

Douglas agrees in his plea that it was reasonably foreseeable that the conspiracy would distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine. Douglas further admits and agrees that he owned the two firearms described above, despite being banned from doing so based on a previous conviction.

This case is part of an investigation by the Anti-Drug Task Force on Organized Crime (OCDETF). OCDETF identifies, disrupts and dismantles the highest level criminal organizations threatening the United States.

The overdose crisis continues to devastate our states and communities. If you think you may need treatment or recovery from an addiction disorder, please call 1800-662-HELP (4357). You can also visit the Maryland District Attorney’s Office for more information and resources on opioid awareness at

Acting US Attorney Jonathan F. Lenzner praised the DEA, HSI, MDTA Police, BCP, US Postal Inspectors and MCPD for their work in the investigation. Mr. Lenzner thanked US assistant attorneys James Warwick and Zachary B. Stendig for pursuing the case.

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