Armed felon captured in New Haven after chase

MERIDEN – According to police, a gun, crack, cocaine and heroin were confiscated during an arrest on Friday after a car chase and foot chase.

Crimes Suppression Unit officers were monitoring the North and South avenues when they stopped a gray Volvo.

Law enforcement initiated the traffic disruption of the driver, later identified as Gioseppe Destefano, on the ramp to Interstate 691 on Lewis Avenue. Police said Destafano did not stop immediately and drove onto the highway.

“Destefano then seemed like he was going to drive past, then come back into traffic and refuse to stop,” police said.

Authorities tracked down Destefano and found his vehicle on Grand Street in New Haven, where he hit a curb and his vehicle was disabled.

When Destefano tried to run away, police said he was apparently holding a gun. He was arrested after a brief chase with the help of New Haven police.

When he was taken into custody, the police seized 13.9 grams of crack / cocaine, 77.1 grams of suspect cocaine and 14.8 grams of suspect heroin.

A New Haven police dog chased Destefano’s path and led officers to a 9mm 17-round pistol thrown by police at the start of the chase.

Destefano, a criminal, is on parole. Police said he had active protection warrants and an active domestic violence arrest warrant from New Haven.

He was accused of giving an inadequate signal to the police in a pursuit, disturbing an officer, two cases of narcotic possession, two cases of drug possession for sale, criminal possession of a firearm, possession a high capacity magazine and a criminal violating a protection order. He had a bond worth $ 650,000.

Police said Destefano’s probation officer had been informed of the incident. Destefano was placed in the care of the State Department of Correction.

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