At least 16 people charged with gun possession in Waterloo, Cedar Falls Sweep | Crime and Courts

Xzavier Kristian Cummings, 22, a drug user in possession of a firearm, owned a 5.7mm FN Herstal Five-Seven pistol and a 9mm Glock 19 pistol on July 6. Police searched his home on College Street in Cedar Falls and found marijuana and the guns.

Destiny Nacole Harrington, 21, gave false testimony when buying a firearm. She allegedly misrepresented her drug use and address when she bought a 9mm Taurus G3 pistol on Aug. 22.

Lloyd James Allen III, 28, felon in possession of a firearm, possessed a .380 caliber Smith and Wesson Bodyguard pistol on February 7th.

Alissa Lynn Kucko, 26, gave false evidence while buying a gun and drug user in possession of a firearm. She allegedly claimed she bought a 9mm Stöger STR pistol for herself on July 19 when she was buying it for someone else. She also owned a 9mm Ruger Security pistol, a 9mm Canik TP-9 pistol, a 5.56mm Radical Firearms AR-15 pistol, and a .22 caliber German Sports Gun GSG -16 rifle.

Kucko was charged with Abyehun Teferi, 26, who was charged with illegally using a controlled substance in possession of a firearm and, on September 2, accused of possessing the same firearms as Kucko.

Cole McNamara, 27, Prohibited Person in possession of a firearm, owned an Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 rifle in October 2020.

Photos: Guns in Crime in Northeastern Iowa

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