At NAACP’s request, Virginia AG’s office to review fatal police shooting of Xzavier Hill along I-64 | Goochland Gazette

The NAACP’s Virginia State Conference has asked Attorney General Mark Herring to investigate the shooting of 18-year-old Xzavier Hill, who was killed in a confrontation with two Virginia State Police officers in Goochland County after a high-speed chase on Interstate 64.

A Herring spokeswoman said his office would look into the matter.

The NAACP’s motion comes less than two weeks after a multiple jurisdiction grand jury convened to investigate the circumstances of the Jan. 9 shooting unanimously decided that the soldiers were entitled to use lethal force.

Commonwealth of Goochland attorney D. Michael Caudill, who oversaw the grand jury’s proceedings, released the grand jury’s report along with numerous exhibits and a copy of a police dashcam video that recorded much of the incident.

In a letter to Herring on Tuesday, state NAACP President Robert Barnette Jr. said his organization “needs to express its concern about the investigation” into Hill’s death.

“We believe that now more than ever, it is imperative that the Commonwealth of Virginia respond to the growing demand for transparency through the use of special prosecutors or independent review boards,” wrote Barnette.

He added that the NAACP “believes that there should be a reasonable expectation that the evidence relating to Mr. Xzavier Hill’s death will get your office’s attention, not just because it affects Virginia State Police.” also because the current social and political climate has helped the African American community negatively impact the negative perception that Virginia’s past of inequality and injustice will follow us into the future even without your deliberate and deliberate intervention. “

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