ATF Candidate Chipman: Any civilian weapon is a potential crime waiting to happen

President BidenHarris’s candidate to head the Federal Armed Forces Agency, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and whatever else they want to do is taking questions from senators today as part of his confirmation process. The aging senior senator from Iowa may no longer have his fastball, but he’s hit the nail on the head with these comparisons that illustrate what Chipman’s presence would be like at the helm of the ATF. . .

Chuck Grassley says hiring a gun control advocate like Chipman for the ATF is like putting Antifa in charge of the Portland Police Department.

– The First (@TheFirstonTV) May 26, 2021

Texas Senator John Cornyn asked the remarkably uncomfortable-looking candidate whether a law-abiding gun owner posed a threat to public safety.

Senator @JohnCornyn asked, “Is a law-abiding gun owner a threat to public safety?” @Davidchipman’s first response was to indicate that law-abiding gun owners “can continue to commit violent crimes.”[s]”

That’s the lens through which this @ATFHQ Director is looking at Nominee @gunowners

– Aidan Johnston (@RealGunLobbyist) May 26, 2021

In essence, the grumpy Grampy Joe who wants to run the ATF believes that any firearm in civilian hands is just a crime waiting to be happened. That’s exactly the mindset you’d want from someone in charge of firearms regulation in a country where the right to keep and carry guns is enshrined in the second amendment, isn’t it?

It didn’t get any better when Assault Weapons became an issue. Chipman, a current gun control advocate paid by Giffords, is on record supporting another ban on America’s most popular rifles. It doesn’t matter that the last ban was seen as a failure even by the left of the political spectrum.

Chipman really didn’t want to be bound by any particular definition of an “offensive weapon”.

ATF NOMINEE CHIPMAN: “I can’t possibly define an attack weapon in thirty seconds.”

SEN. KENNEDY: “If you don’t answer my question, how can I vote for you?”

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) May 26, 2021

Giving in to a definition is terribly inconvenient when you’re a regulator. This standard could bite your ass again in the future and limit your room for maneuver. It is better to keep things casual so that you can apply different definitions in different situations whenever you want.

But hear how Chipman finally answered Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton’s question about what an “offensive weapon” is. . .

Senator @TomCottonAR asks Biden’s ATF candidate David Chipman to define an “offensive weapon”:

“Any semi-automatic rifle that can hold a detachable magazine over .22 caliber”

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) May 26, 2021

In short, if David Chipman has his way, any semi-automatic rifle more powerful than a Ruger 10/22 that requires a detachable magazine would be banned. And he went on to say that extending NFA regulation to include all “offensive weapons” currently in possession would be a good way to “reconcile the rights and duties of Americans.”

That means Chipman wants to mandate that current owners of any semi-automatic rifle with a chamber above a .22 chamber register their rifles and pay a $ 200 tax to keep them.

David ChipmanDavid Chipman

It is safe to say that no ATF candidate has ever been so extreme and overtly hostile in its aversion to individual gun rights or has provoked such ferocious opposition from those who value the Second Amendment.

Let’s grab Chipman!

– Irakveteran8888 (@ Iraqveteran8888) May 26, 2021

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