Barbados Coast Guard seizes more drugs and vessels in 2021 – NationNews Barbados —

Posted on October 16, 2021

Barbados Coast Guard members aboard the HMBS Trident. (FILE)

The Barbados Coast Guard is stepping up the “defense and protection” of the country’s maritime area, where the illegal narcotics trade has increased.

The Coast Guard, its maritime division, confiscated 5,895 pounds of cannabis, 183 pounds of cocaine, a firearm, an AR15 rifle and nine ships from January 1 to October 13, according to a media release from the Barbados Defense Force.

In addition, 28 foreign nationals and seven nationals were detained in connection with these crimes.

“These statistics reflect an 11% and 50% increase in marijuana and cocaine bans, respectively, compared to 2020. In addition, they note that the number of foreigners arrested in connection with these related crimes has increased by 467%. Analysis suggests that one factor contributing to this increase is the current socio-economic environment, which is regional and local demand is being faced, ”the press release said.

“In 2020, the BCG conducted several anti-drug operations that resulted in the ban on 5,277 pounds of marijuana and 162 pounds of cocaine, as well as five small arms, a Draco AR 47, and loads of ammunition. Seven ships [were seized], six foreigners and seven nationals were also arrested and charged in connection with drug offenses at sea. “

The Barbados Coast Guard also assisted the Barbados government in its fight against COVID-19. Anyone taken into custody must undergo mandatory COVID-19 screening. There were no positive tests in 2020 and only one in 2021, a non-citizen who was “isolated in accordance with National Policy”. (PR / SAT)

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