Belgian Cops Tasked With Guarding NATO Headquarters Still Wield The Iconic Uzi Submachine Gun

In 1980 a compact derivative weighing six pounds and a rate of fire of 950 rounds per minute called the Mini Uzi was introduced. Six years later the even smaller and faster shooting Micro Uzi followed, which is visually similar but has a significantly different design. Soon after that came a stockless Micro Uzi “pistol” with a slightly shorter barrel. Semi-automatic versions have also been made, including the longer barrel types required to comply with various civil property laws, particularly in the United States.

“Old technology has to run out at some point,” Iddo Gal, son of Uzi Gal, told The Baltimore Sun in 2004, two years after his father died at the age of 79, long. “

Nevertheless, the production of the Uzi continues as well as its operational use. In 2010, the Israeli weapons manufacturer IWI even introduced a new type, the Uzi Pro, a derivative of the Mirco Uzi, which, among other things, includes a brand new receiver made of lightweight polymer and various modern embellishments such as accessory rails for mounting optical things, sights, lasers and tactical lights. A semi-automatic “pistol” version, which was initially out of stock but is now available with an armrest, has also been introduced, again aimed primarily at civilian markets, particularly gun enthusiasts in the United States.

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