Best Cordless Ridgid Power Tools for Pros

If you’ve dealt a lot with Pro Tool Reviews, you know we have several reasons to love Ridgid cordless power tools. First, the tools tend to be a great value that comes with pro-level performance. And often they will come out with top notch tools so they’re not just an entry-level brand. After all, this lifetime service contract now includes lifetime replacement batteries. What do we think are the best Ridgid cordless power tools for professionals? Continue reading!

Our list takes into account a few core tools, but also tools that we will find irresistible for anyone who is already working on the 18V battery platform from Ridgid Power Tools.

A good all-round set can be found in the Ridgid Gen5X 5 tool kit

Best Ridgid cordless hammer drill

Ridgid R86115K 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer with Max Output Battery

Although the Ridgid 18V Brushless Hammer Drill was rated as having lower performance, it showed faster times over its Octane counterpart and pushed Ridgid significantly higher on our charts. Octane’s higher torque may still be a better option if you are constantly faced with really difficult tasks. For most of us, however, the new models offer the convenience of a more compact design without sacrificing performance.

The Ridgid R86115K 18V brushless rotary hammer is priced at $ 199 as a kit with a 4.0 Ah battery, charger, and soft case. The bare tool costs about $ 139.

Best Ridgid Cordless Impact Wrench

Ridgid R862311 18V Brushless Impact Driver Review

best Ridgid Max Output Impact Driver

If the design team’s goal was to make the Ridgid 18V Brushless Impact Wrench faster, lighter and more compact than the Octane model, it was a huge success! In addition, our results show that Ridgid is advancing in performance rating, overtaking some big names in the process.

You can purchase the Ridgid R862311 as a bare tool for $ 129 from The Home Depot. The Ridgid R9780 combo kit includes both the brushless hammer drill and impact wrench with a pair of 2.0 Ah Max output batteries for $ 179.

Ridgid 18V Brushless Compact Router

Best cordless ridgid tool for woodworking router bits

Ridgid has pushed the boundaries of cordless tool use in several categories. The Ridgid R860443B Compact Router has a brushless motor and is based on the popular corded model.

Ridgid took her tried and true design and gave it an octane boost. Once you get used to the pull-out power switch and the opposite side positions for the speed and micro-adjustment knobs, it can perfectly replace your corded trim router.

Among the other wireless routers available, the Ridgid Octane 18V compact wireless router isn’t as powerful as its top competitors. It shows up on dadoes, swallowtails, and other cuts with higher demand. It’s not under-challenged in that it can’t do the job. Just take a little more time for it. You can pick up this tool from the Home Depot for just $ 129.

Ridgid 18V 1 “SDS-Plus rotary hammer

Best cordless Ridgid tool for light concrete work SDS-Plus rotating

The heavy hitters may have cornered the cordless rotary hammers market, but not counting Ridgid. These cordless models tend to be expensive and are still trying to switch to corded performance – but they mostly fell short. While you could spend up to $ 800 jumping on another platform, Ridgid’s cordless hammer drill still offers a 1-inch capacity for $ 309.

For the bricklayer, the Ridgid R86711B SDS-Plus rotary hammer is a workaholic with a punch list. Nobody wants to pull the big boy out to drill a hole or two in a project that you are about to complete. Insert a battery and finish without running an extension cord. Or use it to destroy a bathroom tile.

It is invaluable to the general contractor as well. You will get better performance than a hammer drill when you have to drill larger holes in concrete. Undoubtedly, larger hammers are the best choices for floor tiles, but no one I know wants to hold this weight while working on vertical material during the demo.

Ridgid Gen5X brushless belt sander

Ridgid Gen5X brushless belt sander

The brushless belt sander Ridgid Gen5X is a solid additional tool. If you want to rework, this belt sander offers you cordless freedom. With a lot of power in its brushless motor, we were able to remove material at a solid rate. Of course, the running time remains the limiting factor. Our own real grinding tests resulted in a continuous running time of 13 minutes and 40 seconds.

The sander has a variable speed dial for speeds between 400 and 940 FPM and a surprisingly good dust collection. A three position knob allows you to adjust your hand position. The belt is easily detachable and there is a tracking button that allows you to move the belt closer to or further from an adjacent part of the workpiece.

This is another tool that is great for one-off and punching list work for the carpenter or the general contractor to be on hand during times when a belt sander saves time over other options.

The belt sander is available for $ 129 as a bare tool or as a kit with a 2.0Ah compact battery for $ 188. Getting the kit version is a breeze.

Best Ridgid cordless miter saw

Ridgid 18V 7-1 / 4 ″ cordless miter saw

Best 18V brushless miter saw from Ridgid

Ridgid’s 18V 7-1 / 4-inch Brushless Miter Saw is a well-designed, compact, fast, lightweight, and easily portable saw for trimming and punching list work. You’ll save a lot of time, hassle, and money as long as you’re not trying to build the world with it.

That the saw requires an easy-to-find 7-1 / 4-inch saw blade is a big plus. It’s not your workhorse, but it certainly has its place on the blowlist construction site. Highly recommend and the current price of $ 379 makes it a bargain for this cordless class. Just because of the type of work a miter saw is supposed to do, we would like it to be fitted with a second battery.

Best Ridgid Cordless Shop Vacuum Cleaner

Ridgid 18V cordless shop vacuum cleaner

Best Ridgid Cordless Shop Vacuum Cleaner

The Ridgid 18V cordless shop vacuum cleaner impressed us with its wet / dry ability and capacity. You get 9 gallons of storage and 82 CFM suction power. This tool acts more like a mid-range corded model than what we would expect from cordless vacuums. It can also run on just a single Ridgid 18V battery, but includes two digits to double the run time.

Best of all, the price for the bare tool is only $ 99 and comes with a lifetime warranty from Ridgid!

Ridgid 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor

Best Ridgid tools for finish nailing

We wanted to add the Ridgid 1-gallon cordless compressor, but it seems to be set all over the place. This is a pity. This tool really solved a problem when you had to finish nailing quickly without unplugging a power cord.

Still, the 150 PSI Ridgid 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor is worth a mention – even if you have to hook it up to a wall! It easily powers a pair of finish nailers at the same time. The oil-free pump should provide reliable and maintenance-free performance. Ridgid offers a 3 year guarantee. We just love the form factor of this compressor and how quietly it works indoors – especially because it stores so much air for completion.

In the event that you need to use this compressor with higher capacity pneumatic nailers, it will deliver up to 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI when needed. You can purchase the Ridgid 6 Gallon Compressor for just $ 129.


These are our tips for the best Ridgid cordless power tools. . While every trade is different, we wanted to make sure our top picks appear on this list. I’m sure we left out at least one of your favorites. So leave a comment below with your favorites. You can sound on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too!

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