Blast from the Previous: Vintage Doors and Interiors in Self-defense transform modern doors into antique masterpieces

Self-defense, NC – Turning a door into an antique masterpiece is the specialty of Vintage Doors and Interiors in Self-defense.

“We want it to look like it’s been there for 20, 100 years,” said Stacey Frye, president of Vintage Doors and Interiors.

A mother and son are behind the work to make interior doors look decades old. Stacey is the visionary and her son Jonathan Frye keeps the business on track.

“She is the creative one. She designs the doors, ”he said. “I can see the logic and the function and whether we can actually do it.”

Stacey introduced her son to the industry before he could walk.

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“I had him in showrooms when he was sitting in the stroller with a balloon so we couldn’t lose the stroller,” she said.

Each bland door is transformed into a replica of ancient Egyptian, Indian or old farmhouse doors.

“If you take one of those doors and just replace a simple door, it’s like art,” said Stacey.

It takes about eight weeks to create.

“They are handcrafted with a combination. Depending on the goal, it can be up to 14 steps, ”she said. “The iron is hand-forged, and then it also has a faux finish to give it that old patina.”

Each door costs between $ 300 and $ 600. The doors are designed in Stacey’s shop and made in Mexico.

As of 2015, more than 400 Self-defense-designed doors have been found in people’s homes across the country.

“It changes the entire room,” said Stacey. “It makes it beautiful to look at and it kind of disappears. You don’t really notice that it’s a door. ”

Vintage Doors and Interiors offers ten different unique door styles online.

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