Bosch Heated Hoodie GHH12V with 3 Heating Zones

Keep warm during the winter months

Bosch has expanded its line of heated clothing to include additional options. The heated Bosch GHH12V-20 hoodie features an improved design and lightweight materials for greater dexterity and comfort. With strategically placed heat zones in the chest and back, this offers the warmth of a Bosch heated jacket, but in a hoodie design.

10 second summary

  • Heated hoodie model: Bosch GHH12V
  • Modern design and lightweight, durable materials
  • Three temperature settings
  • Three warming heat zones
  • Portable power supply
  • Price: $ 149

Bosch GHH12V heated hoodie properties

The heated Bosch hoodie has many of the same properties as the heated Bosch jacket, but with its own unique contributions to the world of winter warming.

The heated hoodie has three settings for controlling temperature and running time. You also get three heating zones: two on the chest and one on the back. Like all Bosch heaters, the jacket is powered by a 12 V battery from Bosch and comes with a power pack. It powers the heating elements and provides up to 2.1 amps to charge your phone.

While Bosch constructed its heated jackets from 100% polyester, the heated hoodie goes with a 60/40 cotton / polyester blend. As a result, it doesn’t offer as much resistance to wind and water.

Material, adjustability and fit

The heated hoodie also lacks adjustable sleeves or waistlines. As expected, there are also five inside and outside pockets. However, the simpler design has its advantages.

Bosch heated hoodie

We like the light design. With a fully charged 12V battery, this hoodie should give you plenty of warmth on those brisk days. Or it works wonders as a great middle class system on really cold days. The large, adjustable hood offers good coverage and protection from the cold for the head and neck.

Hood withdrawn

Finally, the heated Bosch hoodie has a fitted waist and sleeves to keep body heat inside. Three zip pockets also offer you some storage options.

Sizing and pricing

To cover all body types, the Bosch GHH12V is available in different sizes from Small to 3X. It costs around $ 149, with 3 times the size for $ 159 again costing $ 10 more.

Bosch vs Milwaukee heated hoodies

Bosch GHH12V heated hoodie Milwaukee 302 M12 heated hoodie
battery 12 V 2.0 Ah Li-Ion 12 V CP1.5 Ah Li-Ion
Running time (low) 6 hours 6 hours
material 60% cotton, 40% polyester Hard shell stretch polyester
Heat settings 3 – High, Medium, Low 3 – High, Medium, Low
Heat zones 3 – (2) chest, (1) back 3 – (2) chest, (1) back
Wind and rainproof Not really Not really
Pocket amount 3 3
available colours black Red, gray, black
Includes 12V 2.0Ah battery, adapter and charger 12V 1.5Ah battery, adapter and charger
price $ 149 $ 159

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