Canadian socialite says she accidentally shot, killed Belize police superintendent after midnight massage

Jasmine Hartin was charged with the negligent homicide of Henry Jemmott. accused

Henry Jemmott, a senior police officer in Belize, was shot dead by celebrities Jasmine Hartin last May on the island.

Hartin, charged in his death, speaks about the incident and insists that she accidentally shot him. Hartin, 32, broke her silence over the incident on CBS News’ 48 hours on Saturday. In an episode titled “Jasmine Hartin’s Shot In The Dark,” Hartin tells her side of the story.

She pointed to the 48-hour correspondent Peter Van Sant that she actually shot Jemmott, a father of five, but not on purpose.

Jasmine Hartin and Henry Jemmott (Credit: 48 Hours / Screenshot and Facebook)

Hartin originally moved to Belize in 2014 and then started a relationship with Andrew Ashcroft, Son of a British billionaire Mr. Michael Ashcroft. Hartin said she and Jemmott, a police superintendent in Belize, became friends after meeting Ashcroft in 2015, with whom she shares twins.

Andrew Ashcroft was awarded provisional custody of twins Charlie and she, 4, reported in July by a family judge, Belize broadcaster LoveFM reported.

During the 48-hour interview, Hartin stated that she was physically assaulted by a man at a party one evening last May and called Jemmott to help her walk. She says that Jemmott told her to get a gun to protect herself. On the night of the incident, Hartin says she gave Jemmott a shoulder massage on the pier after a night of partying and he gave her his own gun, a Glock 17 service pistol.

It was after midnight when Jemmott ended up dead, with a gunshot wound behind the ear.

First, Hartin stated that Jemmott must have been hit by a stray bullet from a nearby boat, according to a Belize news reporter Cherisse Halsall. However, after meeting her attorney in prison, Hartin stated that she actually shot Jemmott, but accidentally.

Henry Jemmott

Henry Jemmott (Image: Facebook)

Hartin stated that Jemmott was trying to give her instructions on how to load and unload the gun, and then the gun went off.

The story goes on

“I’m holding it up like that and trying to get the magazine out,” Hartin told Van Sant. “The next thing I know is that the gun went off.”

Hartin was charged with negligent homicide and was released on bail. However, she was arrested again in June after an altercation with an employee of the Grand Colony Resort Hotel in Belize, where she once lived with Ashcroft and her twins, according to The Daily Mail. She stated that she tried to see her children and was charged with assault but was released on $ 30,000 bail.

“The things that are at stake right now are my relationship with my children, my freedom, my business, my money, my character, my reputation and my life,” she said during the episode.

Check out the 48 hour segment below.

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